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Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

My question in the Diet Blogs & Journal Help Forums on not being able to comment on blogs.
Pain in the arse spammers! Grrrrrr!!!!

unable to comment in 3fc diet blogs

it was a dark and runny night…

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

The endless rain cleared up, the wind died out, and a high tide with waves breaking on the beach made for the kind of evening a girl just wants to go out and run in and that’s what I did!
I had a great little fat burning walk/run. Actually, walk/sprint is more like it. 3 miles of heart thumping, leg burning sprints with very brief recovery walks in between. This is some serious cardio and what I like about it is that this shit will melt the pounds off quicker than a constant paced 5 miler. I try to get my garmin to read out a pace of at least 8:30 min. mile during the sprints. One sprint reached an 8:01 min. mile pace! And several were into the 9’s. Very ‘okay fine’ by me. 🙂 I was thinking last night of how good my hamstring is compared to when I was dragging my leg around and it felt like it belonged on a corpse. Now I feel amazing. Going for a run has always been something I’ve done along with my other activities, but now @ age 54 I’m gobbling up info on tempo runs, long run pace, fartlek, speed drills,etc. Why now? 🙂 Who cares! I’m loving it and that’s all. I’m going to love it even better as more weight drops off and I run even faster. Ultimately I’m hoping to run consistently at a 9 min mile pace.
The sprints will really speed up my normal long run pace a lot. I’ve done this before and, trust me, being 20 pounds heavier is NOT where I ever want to be again. I keep wondering how it will feel to run with 40 pounds off of my carcass. I picked up 2 twenty pound dumbbells and tried running across the yard with them. Then I dropped them and ran. What a difference. Try this and tell me it doesn’t put a bug in the butt to keep eating clean and working out with a vengeance and feeling damn proud of yourself!
It’s a strength day for me. Gonna give the upper-body a little dumbbell therapy!