Had an eye exam appt. this morning and now back home. The eye doctor said that my distance vision has improved slightly and that my general eye health was like that of a much younger person, and whatever I’m doing to keep doing it. That, I never expect to hear. I figured that since last checked in 2007 for sure something would be flying to hell in the old eye department. Especially at my age. Apparently my eyes aren’t up on this data.
For a celebration treat I had a container of yogurt with coolwhip/ mixed berries & granola that I picked up at the grocery store. Pretty good choice considering I was thinking of how good it would be with hersheys chocolate syrup drizzled over the top! 🙂 I’m hankering for chocolate I would say!

Night before last I took a night time bike ride and cycled really hard for 8 miles. Muscle burning cycling. Deep breathing and panting cycling. I swear I felt a couple of pounds burn away!
😉 Fingers crossed.
Then yesterday morning myself & sis-in-law did that Jari Love dvd titled “Xtremely Ripped 1000” that pretty much leaves me unable to lift a simple 5 lb weight by the end of it along with not being able to squat much more than thinking about it. 😆 Ass kicking fun!
I have two big lawns to mow so I’m not sure what I will be doing, if anything, later on. It gives rain for several days and that means I can’t put off the mowing.
I’d rather be running, or doing some crossfit which I haven’t been able to get to for too long now.
I miss box jumps.
I miss burpees.
Burpees???…was that out loud?

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  1. Ann Says:

    WTF? You miss Burpee’s? What is wrong with you? I thought you were normal but now….not so sure 🙂

  2. Mau Says:

    Come to the dark side, Ann.
    We have burpees…mwah-ha-haaaaaaa!

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