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4.5 run/walk/waddle?

Friday, May 10th, 2013

Later on yesterday the air outside had that mild warmish feeling it gets just before it rains, so of course what I was itching to do was to get out for a run. I’ve run in some of the worse rainfalls we’ve had. As long as it’s not cold rain then count me in…or “out”? 🙂
My legs were tired from all of that mowing the day before, so I thought why not mellow out and make it a nice enjoyable walk/run? No predetermined mileage, simply meandering about snooping in yards and poking about the territory. And off I went. I walked, then jogged, then walked up and down the wharf, then jogged and possibly broke into a run a few times. Stopped and yacked with somebody a couple of minutes. Outside getting air and loving it!
About 2 miles in it started to sprinkle, And it was good, Donkey!  lol!
About a quarter mile further on the rain clouds opened up and rain was ridiculously heavy. The air even felt warmer! For some stupid reason I wore a longer cotton shirt that stretched so much in the rain that my shoulders were coming out through the neck hole and the whole darned mess of a thing quickly sagged to my knees. I had to tie a knot in the side to fetch it up…could have easily tripped over the damned thing. 😉
I have nice running tank tops. “Some stupid reason” was that I was feeling self conscious of wearing them this soon since they are a form-fit and I’m still packing more weight than last spring.  Let me say that I am so over that as of the sky opening up! The tops are out and ready to wear. I’ll surprise myself as I realize they are fitting better. Optimism!
Back to my walk/run, I ended up doing 4.5 miles in that downpour. Trotting along singing like an everyday lucid human being. I had two vehicles that stopped and asked if I wanted a ride, and then made those funny faces at me for saying, “No, I’m good, thanks!”…because that’s how it is here…everybody knows everyone.
Any quack gets offered a lift.