no runs for the wicked…

* I have been trying to get on here for two days and all my bookmarks brought up were blank pages. Strange that just now I cleared out my cookies and immediately I have access. I picked up something that was blocking this site, dunno what the hell it was, but it’s gone now. 😆 cookies are bad for you!

No running for me this past two days. Tuesday myself and my fisherman took a trip away shopping. It was good to be able to pick up a few handy items that ya can’t get in this area…well not for a lot more money and I don’t like to spend more money. I try to buy everything on sale that I can because I know they still are making a lotta dough off of me. Barf! Gag! Choke!
I got a new Magic Bullet. My old one was getting loud & mouthy because I had pretty much annihilated the blades with the multitude of frozen margarita parties, and boozy iced coffees I’ve knocked back the past two years I’ve had it. For what it’s been through I’d say they are pretty damned tough and with “normal” use they probably last twice as long.  This morning I was whirling up my loaded full-of-stuff protein shake and the new bullet was so quiet I thought there was something wrong with it! Haaaaa! It was funny!
Yesterday I had 3 lawns to mow. I’m hired to mow 6 lawns ( I used to mow up to 18 but took back my summer! Girl’s gotta have some fun.) and two of the three that I did yesterday were huge & hilly. Altogether I mowed for 3.5 hours.
Again…no running for me.
Not that I even cared.
🙂 I was to bed by 7 pm.

Oh I also picked up spring clips for my spare weight bar that I use for outside work-outs. Now I can change weights more quickly in between running wod’s.

2 Responses to “no runs for the wicked…”

  1. Ann Says:

    I would love to mow grass for a living – I have often thought I could mow grass in the summer and plow snow in the winter and be very content with life! I hate being at a desk all day long.

    Blender was not what I first thought of when you said Magic Bullet……giggle/snicker/giggle 🙂

  2. Mau Says:

    Bad Ann! Baaaaaad!

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