2 miler!

I got all geared up this morning and headed out on the road. My plan was to run one mile and walk back, but my leg felt great and I ended churning out 2 miles! Frigging rootin’ tootin’ it was!
I ran 2 miles in 22:15. Roughly a 11:07 min mile pace which I’m extremely happy & surprised with. This was my first run since my injury that I didn’t break up into 1/4 mile intervals and I had no idea how well the old hammy had mended. I’d say pretty damned good!
I did take a couple of very brief rests and stretched out my quadriceps, but that was mostly just me buying time because I was winded. Just had to pick up my pace here and there, just for testing purposes, and yup, a bit of panting and gasping going on there. Nothing that would scare small children and pets, but I absolutely need to do start some speed drills and get these lungs up to snuff. No rush. First things first. Enjoy the run!
It rocked this morning! 🙂

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  1. Ann Says:

    Great! I know the feeling coming back after an injury. The pure joy of being able to do the basic stuff! I wish I could say I have been running…..not so much but I am on my taper!

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