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13.8 pounds down! =)

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

…and 36.2 to go! Not 50 lbs anymore, but 36.2!!!! That’s music to my ears & eyes. I keep thinking “just 7 more pounds and it’ll ONLY be 20 something to go”. Woah, that’s amazing because I thought there for a while back early this year that The damned weight would never come off. It hung on for so long without budging a bit. I have to admit that I probably was eating just enough too much, here and there, to jeopardize any progress I could have made.
Just a weekend party and the snack sneaking that comes hand in hand with booze probably screwed me. I can’t get away with too many extras at my age. My body wants to pack it on and then hangs on for dear life! Traitor body! Doh!

I don’t know if this is coincidence, or not, but I’ve been eating a lot more Greek yogurt lately and the weight seems to be repelled by the yogurt. I shovel it into myself and the pounds retreat to who cares where! All bow to the great and mighty yogurt! πŸ˜†Β  I like it with granola or muesli on top and that’s what my snacks have been for the most part, and what I eat at night if I’m really wanting to eat something. Whatever it is that’s going on, I’ll take it! Just keep doing what I’m doing…trying to get the most (bulk)food into me with the least amount of calories. White fish, or chicken. A shit ton of veggies. That’s a meal I have every day.Β  I have a new bbq sauce that I’m addicted to (Presidents Choice Apple Butter BBQ sauce) and it tastes delicious on either chicken, or fish. It has some sweet flavor which I find pretty darned appealing.Β  I just slather it sparingly over the meat right in the pan and throw some tin foil over as a cover and let it bake right on the stove top. Deelish!!! I’ve been steaming butternut squash, mashing it up and mixing it in with my steamed veggies and diced protein in one big bowl…it’s a lot of food, and I’m so stuffed, yet it not a high calorie meal. I have a little low calorie olive oil margarine tossed with the stir fry veggies, too.
I don’t worry about the sugars in the yogurt except I won’t buy any that have 20 or more grams. That’s the best I can do,,,zero, or low fat & enjoy the rest. πŸ™‚
I try to limit my fruit to 2 pieces, apple,banana, etc. daily. I have a little wiggle room on everything because I don’t want to fixate on precision. That’s just effing not my style. So if it works don’t fuck with it, right?
Gawd but I’ve been a busy chick lately. Working very hard leaves no legs left under me to work out, or run. I fall into bed exhausted and I even slept in this morning to 7 o’clock.Β  That’s not the norm for me. I’m usually up 5, 5:30 and I don’t even have to be! I just wake up and sleep is over.

I’m looking forward to morning workouts with sis-in-law maybe as soon as by the end of this week. I’m especially hankering to go for a run, but not on the legs I got under me tonight. They are tired to death. I will feed them Greek yogurt and tylenol.

….I should test the comments….hope it’s back to normal…. fingers crossed…

asked & answered

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

My question in the Diet Blogs & Journal Help Forums on not being able to comment on blogs.
Pain in the arse spammers! Grrrrrr!!!!

unable to comment in 3fc diet blogs

it was a dark and runny night…

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

The endless rain cleared up, the wind died out, and a high tide with waves breaking on the beach made for the kind of evening a girl just wants to go out and run in and that’s what I did!
I had a great little fat burning walk/run. Actually, walk/sprint is more like it. 3 miles of heart thumping, leg burning sprints with very brief recovery walks in between. This is some serious cardio and what I like about it is that this shit will melt the pounds off quicker than a constant paced 5 miler. I try to get my garmin to read out a pace of at least 8:30 min. mile during the sprints. One sprint reached an 8:01 min. mile pace! And several were into the 9’s. Very ‘okay fine’ by me. πŸ™‚ I was thinking last night of how good my hamstring is compared to when I was dragging my leg around and it felt like it belonged on a corpse. Now I feel amazing. Going for a run has always been something I’ve done along with my other activities, but now @ age 54 I’m gobbling up info on tempo runs, long run pace, fartlek, speed drills,etc. Why now? πŸ™‚ Who cares! I’m loving it and that’s all. I’m going to love it even better as more weight drops off and I run even faster. Ultimately I’m hoping to run consistently at a 9 min mile pace.
The sprints will really speed up my normal long run pace a lot. I’ve done this before and, trust me, being 20 pounds heavier is NOT where I ever want to be again. I keep wondering how it will feel to run with 40 pounds off of my carcass. I picked up 2 twenty pound dumbbells and tried running across the yard with them. Then I dropped them and ran. What a difference. Try this and tell me it doesn’t put a bug in the butt to keep eating clean and working out with a vengeance and feeling damn proud of yourself!
It’s a strength day for me. Gonna give the upper-body a little dumbbell therapy!

Saturday, May 18th, 2013

i can’t make

comments on blogs!

these glitches


The End. barf!

10-4 good buddy! catch ya on the flip-flop!

Friday, May 17th, 2013

I have lost 5 pounds since the beginning of May! 10.4 pounds in all! Finally…at long frigging last I have reached the 10 pound mark! Now I have 40 pounds to lose. That’s with a goal of 170 lbs. I’m only thinking as far ahead as the next 10 pounds for now. Somehow, in my mind, that makes it easier to swallow. Man, I was so tired of seeing the same weight on the scales over and over again that I had to put the damned things in a time-out for a couple of weeks. I had a good feeling that today was the day to dig ’em out and was it ever. lol! Now I wanna go run and do major work-out shit!Β  I’ve been concentrating on getting in some really tough work-outs and I have been logging my chow & exercise on “” I find it has helped me tremendously because while I’ve been eating healthy all along I’m afraid I was eating a little TOO MUCH healthy. Now I have a 1200 calorie limit to lose an estimated 2 pounds weekly, and the option to earn and eat more calories based on the amount of exercise that I do. I’m finding I do the bestΒ  and feel satisfied averaging between a 1300 to mid 1400 calorie intake. I have to say I was never a calorie counter before this. It was all too friggy and fucky for my attention span, but this does it all for me and since I usually eat the same types of foods and meals this makes entering my chow all the easier. It’s set up to bring up a list of recent to older foods already entered for when I go to enter a meal, or snack. Same with exercise entries.
I’ll shut up about it now.

who doesn’t do this?…come on….hello?…what the ??? …only me?!Β  😯

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

Had an eye exam appt. this morning and now back home. The eye doctor said that my distance vision has improved slightly and that my general eye health was like that of a much younger person, and whatever I’m doing to keep doing it. That, I never expect to hear. I figured that since last checked in 2007 for sure something would be flying to hell in the old eye department. Especially at my age. Apparently my eyes aren’t up on this data.
For a celebration treat I had a container of yogurt with coolwhip/ mixed berries & granola that I picked up at the grocery store. Pretty good choice considering I was thinking of how good it would be with hersheys chocolate syrup drizzled over the top! πŸ™‚ I’m hankering for chocolate I would say!

Night before last I took a night time bike ride and cycled really hard for 8 miles. Muscle burning cycling. Deep breathing and panting cycling. I swear I felt a couple of pounds burn away!
πŸ˜‰ Fingers crossed.
Then yesterday morning myself & sis-in-law did that Jari Love dvd titled “Xtremely Ripped 1000” that pretty much leaves me unable to lift a simple 5 lb weight by the end of it along with not being able to squat much more than thinking about it. πŸ˜† Ass kicking fun!
I have two big lawns to mow so I’m not sure what I will be doing, if anything, later on. It gives rain for several days and that means I can’t put off the mowing.
I’d rather be running, or doing some crossfit which I haven’t been able to get to for too long now.
I miss box jumps.
I miss burpees.
Burpees???…was that out loud?

4.9 mile run/walk

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

Yesterday I did another run/walk. About the same amount of time but I had covered an extra .4 miles. This means I did more running and my pace increased. I’m a terrible walker with these short legs, so the sooner I can cut the walk parts the hell out, the better.
Yesterday ~ 4.91 miles in 1hr. 04 min. My avg. pace according to Garmin was a 13.02 min. mile.
On Thursday I had covered 4.51 miles in 1hr. 05 min. and my avg. pace was 14:25 min. mile.
lol! My sis-in-law can walk faster than that…she’s got the long legs for it too, so I’m not feeling horribly bad about my sucky walk pace.
I’m going to do roughly the same type of run/walk every so many days with the intention of eventually eliminating the walks, increasing my running pace and turning it all into a whole whopping respectable 5 miler. Can I be any more pumped up?!!!! Nope! πŸ™‚Β  I’m going to have those long summer night runs back again and the thought of it is high motivating.
I’m using the first two miles to do speed work. Sometimes running faster for a minute and slower for a minute, or picking landmarks to speed up and slow down to. This should keep it “fun”.
Fun, I say?
Girl’s just wanna have fun!

4.5 run/walk/waddle?

Friday, May 10th, 2013

Later on yesterday the air outside had that mild warmish feeling it gets just before it rains, so of course what I was itching to do was to get out for a run. I’ve run in some of the worse rainfalls we’ve had. As long as it’s not cold rain then count me in…or “out”? πŸ™‚
My legs were tired from all of that mowing the day before, so I thought why not mellow out and make it a nice enjoyable walk/run? No predetermined mileage, simply meandering about snooping in yards and poking about the territory. And off I went. I walked, then jogged, then walked up and down the wharf, then jogged and possibly broke into a run a few times. Stopped and yacked with somebody a couple of minutes. Outside getting air and loving it!
About 2 miles in it started to sprinkle, And it was good, Donkey!Β  lol!
About a quarter mile further on the rain clouds opened up and rain was ridiculously heavy. The air even felt warmer! For some stupid reason I wore a longer cotton shirt that stretched so much in the rain that my shoulders were coming out through the neck hole and the whole darned mess of a thing quickly sagged to my knees. I had to tie a knot in the side to fetch it up…could have easily tripped over the damned thing. πŸ˜‰
I have nice running tank tops. “Some stupid reason” was that I was feeling self conscious of wearing them this soon since they are a form-fit and I’m still packing more weight than last spring.Β  Let me say that I am so over that as of the sky opening up! The tops are out and ready to wear. I’ll surprise myself as I realize they are fitting better. Optimism!
Back to my walk/run, I ended up doing 4.5 miles in that downpour. Trotting along singing like an everyday lucid human being. I had two vehicles that stopped and asked if I wanted a ride, and then made those funny faces at me for saying, “No, I’m good, thanks!”…because that’s how it is here…everybody knows everyone.
Any quack gets offered a lift.

no runs for the wicked…

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

* I have been trying to get on here for two days and all my bookmarks brought up were blank pages. Strange that just now I cleared out my cookies and immediately I have access. I picked up something that was blocking this site, dunno what the hell it was, but it’s gone now. πŸ˜† cookies are bad for you!

No running for me this past two days. Tuesday myself and my fisherman took a trip away shopping. It was good to be able to pick up a few handy items that ya can’t get in this area…well not for a lot more money and I don’t like to spend more money. I try to buy everything on sale that I can because I know they still are making a lotta dough off of me. Barf! Gag! Choke!
I got a new Magic Bullet. My old one was getting loud & mouthy because I had pretty much annihilated the blades with the multitude of frozen margarita parties, and boozy iced coffees I’ve knocked back the past two years I’ve had it. For what it’s been through I’d say they are pretty damned tough and with “normal” use they probably last twice as long.Β  This morning I was whirling up my loaded full-of-stuff protein shake and the new bullet was so quiet I thought there was something wrong with it! Haaaaa! It was funny!
Yesterday I had 3 lawns to mow. I’m hired to mow 6 lawns ( I used to mow up to 18 but took back my summer! Girl’s gotta have some fun.) and two of the three that I did yesterday were huge & hilly. Altogether I mowed for 3.5 hours.
Again…no running for me.
Not that I even cared.
πŸ™‚ I was to bed by 7 pm.

Oh I also picked up spring clips for my spare weight bar that I use for outside work-outs. Now I can change weights more quickly in between running wod’s.

2 miler!

Monday, May 6th, 2013

I got all geared up this morning and headed out on the road. My plan was to run one mile and walk back, but my leg felt great and I ended churning out 2 miles! Frigging rootin’ tootin’ it was!
I ran 2 miles in 22:15. Roughly a 11:07 min mile pace which I’m extremely happy & surprised with. This was my first run since my injury that I didn’t break up into 1/4 mile intervals and I had no idea how well the old hammy had mended. I’d say pretty damned good!
I did take a couple of very brief rests and stretched out my quadriceps, but that was mostly just me buying time because I was winded. Just had to pick up my pace here and there, just for testing purposes, and yup, a bit of panting and gasping going on there. Nothing that would scare small children and pets, but I absolutely need to do start some speed drills and get these lungs up to snuff. No rush. First things first. Enjoy the run!
It rocked this morning! πŸ™‚