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Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

My virtual running buddy icandoit2 was nice enough to remind me that I had a bunch of commenting and posting to do here that I’ve been neglecting. It’s good to get a kick in the ass when I need one. I’ve got a damned blog here and I’d best keep up on looking after my shit a little bit better from now on. I’ve been tinkering on blogspot setting up a blog to track my crossfit workouts. I really like working with the templates there, but I like my diet blog here where we all share a goal of losing weight. Kinda fun reading about workouts and runs and checking out new 3fcdietblogs that pop up,,,anything like that I just soak up! Speaking of soaking up, there’s been a lot of sweat flying around here last week & up til today. Sis-in-law and moi are still faithfully meeting for a morning work-out. I pick out the dvd’s and naturally I pick the tough ones. I will torture my own self, if that’s what it takes, just to see somebody else almost die on the floor of the work-out room. The Dungeon is what I call it. There’s a lotta fat getting tortured there!
Most afternoons, or early evenings I have been doing an xfit work-out, too. I feel pretty good and with the two workouts everyday I say it’s a win-win all around. I can feel my hamstring improving more quickly than ever. I didn’t have to concentrate on picking that leg up until the very end of a 60 min. w/o this morning. I was tempted to try a run tonight to compare. I haven’t done any 400 meter running wod’s (workout of day- xfit) since last Wednesday the 17th. I am pretty sure I may be able to do a whole mile if I do it slowly and not overwork that leg. But…, there’s always a butt, and then there’s an asshole! 😆 That just slipped out. Oh shit!
….Of course it would be blowing like crazy out there. It’s flood tide now and so it blows. Jumpings!!! When doesn’t it blow here? It blows and then it turns right around and it sucks!
I’m going to do a crossfit wod.
Bite me, wind!
Well I stuck my nose out the door and decided that I could survive a running wod. It wasn’t blowing so bad right out here in front of the house, so I picked one called “Whitten” for time do 5 rounds of:
22 Kettle bell swings
22 Box Jumps
Run 4oo meters
22 Burpees
22 Wall Balls
I’ve done this one before and it is deceptively grueling. My good God I thought my heart was going to come out through my chest. It was pounding like a son of a gun. I did smarten up and walked the tail ends of the 400m runs the remaining 4 rounds just so the burpees didn’t do me in.
It’s done. I’m alive.
I think?