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buzy bee….

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

I’ve been working again. More mad money. It’s interfering with the old work-out schedule, but that can’t be helped. I’m trying to eat on plan and I certainly am burning plenty enough calories working. I can’t make up a w/o in the evenings with sis-in-law because my legs are sooooooo darned tired. I’m guessing another couple of days and then I can get back at it. I sure miss my dvd workouts and my xfit ones I do on my own. Honestly, I think they will seem like a vacation after all of the work I’ve been doing the past 6 days. Ouch!
I went to bed last night at 9:00 and slept straight thru til 6:30 this morning. If beauty rest did more than give you a well rested look, and actually beefed up the beauty then I’d be one intensely good-looking chick as much as I’ve been sleeping lately. Still a scare crow! 😉
No change in weight, but clothes do fit better and I bet anything I would have seen a loss had I not got bogged down in work. That’s okay. I’m going to really torture myself  with the barbells, box jumps, and wall balls, etc.  and a kazillion burpees soon enough and I will like it. Seriously, I really will like it! I’m demented that way.

wednesdays child wants vodka!

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

My virtual running buddy icandoit2 was nice enough to remind me that I had a bunch of commenting and posting to do here that I’ve been neglecting. It’s good to get a kick in the ass when I need one. I’ve got a damned blog here and I’d best keep up on looking after my shit a little bit better from now on. I’ve been tinkering on blogspot setting up a blog to track my crossfit workouts. I really like working with the templates there, but I like my diet blog here where we all share a goal of losing weight. Kinda fun reading about workouts and runs and checking out new 3fcdietblogs that pop up,,,anything like that I just soak up! Speaking of soaking up, there’s been a lot of sweat flying around here last week & up til today. Sis-in-law and moi are still faithfully meeting for a morning work-out. I pick out the dvd’s and naturally I pick the tough ones. I will torture my own self, if that’s what it takes, just to see somebody else almost die on the floor of the work-out room. The Dungeon is what I call it. There’s a lotta fat getting tortured there!
Most afternoons, or early evenings I have been doing an xfit work-out, too. I feel pretty good and with the two workouts everyday I say it’s a win-win all around. I can feel my hamstring improving more quickly than ever. I didn’t have to concentrate on picking that leg up until the very end of a 60 min. w/o this morning. I was tempted to try a run tonight to compare. I haven’t done any 400 meter running wod’s (workout of day- xfit) since last Wednesday the 17th. I am pretty sure I may be able to do a whole mile if I do it slowly and not overwork that leg. But…, there’s always a butt, and then there’s an asshole! 😆 That just slipped out. Oh shit!
….Of course it would be blowing like crazy out there. It’s flood tide now and so it blows. Jumpings!!! When doesn’t it blow here? It blows and then it turns right around and it sucks!
I’m going to do a crossfit wod.
Bite me, wind!
Well I stuck my nose out the door and decided that I could survive a running wod. It wasn’t blowing so bad right out here in front of the house, so I picked one called “Whitten” for time do 5 rounds of:
22 Kettle bell swings
22 Box Jumps
Run 4oo meters
22 Burpees
22 Wall Balls
I’ve done this one before and it is deceptively grueling. My good God I thought my heart was going to come out through my chest. It was pounding like a son of a gun. I did smarten up and walked the tail ends of the 400m runs the remaining 4 rounds just so the burpees didn’t do me in.
It’s done. I’m alive.
I think?


Sunday, April 21st, 2013

I wanted to write a decent post tonight, but I am so very fucking tired. That’s descriptive enough.
I had a great big day out in the sun. Yes, the sun…it’s been so long since it last shined upon me that I was frightened by it’s appearance this morning.

I didn’t want to walk into the light. I wasn’t ready. There’s still so much to do here. I never imagined the light would be seeking out my sort of character. I was expecting more of a black hole opening up in the ground type of deal.
I finally managed to gather my wits about me
. Eventually located my sunglasses….after dark.
Fool! That should make it rain.

noodle arms…

Friday, April 19th, 2013

This morning we did a Jari Love dvd. Her Xtremely Ripped 1000. It’s exhausting and sweaty and my bad hamstring leg was sooo sooo freeking damned tired. I had to slow down a few times to keep my foot from dragging on the floor and me from falling flat on my face! Wow!
I’m almost certain that when I finally am able to do this dvd through without any modification and when my leg can keep up with the ultra fast up-up / down-down cardio bursts on the step…then I will be able to run miles again. Full miles. Complete miles of mileage. Non stop. Dare I dream? I want it so bad. I miss my runs. And with summer coming there’s nothing I love better than running the roads on a cool moonlite night. This place is a ghost town after 9 pm….it’s all mine! Mine!!!
Last night I did a couple of crossfit WOD’s and each had a mess of push-ups. I started out doing regular ones and had to drop to girly ones not long into it.
We did a Cathe Friedrich dvd in the morning yesterday and it annihilated my triceps…..
Tonight I have wimpy Noodle Arms.
And my medicinal glass of wine.
With a straw.
Yes I’m weak.

sup wit me?

Friday, April 19th, 2013

Started working out in the mornings with my sis-in-law. Is that how you spell sis in law? Or, was that it? I’m sure anyone with even half-assed brain cells can get my drift. Funny the words there are that I’ve said all of my fricking life only to realize 100 years later I cannot spell them. Not a clue. Anyways, I’m not here for a spelling bee. Barf!
So, we used to work out every day together before new jobs and shit like life made it so damned difficult to get together. She is a good friend to me and she is normal. If you could meet some of my other sis-in-laws you’d agree. I always tell her she can never send my brother back home,,,,she is stuck with him. 🙂 That’s how much I like her! She has always been active same as me, but she finds it hard to exercise on her own. Now that we have more flexible schedules we are back at it together and I missed it more than I knew.
So, I’m off for our 4th 8:30 am work-out this week,,,I gotta get changed now and rush out the door in a ball and a tangle. Be back later to yak on about the other stuff///yes there’s more “stuff”. There’s ALWAYS more stuff!!!

Good morning “children of the corn”

Saturday, April 13th, 2013

It’s a coolish 1.2 degree Celsius out there this morning with NW 25 knot of wind. Not favorable for cycling yet, but it gives dying out for later today.
This morning I m gearing up to run.
It’s a hamstring test. Gonna see how far I can go before my leg “deadens” on me and I feel as if I am dragging it along with me like….wait a second…..Well for shits sake!!!!!!! Sweet baby Jesus it’s really coming down…it’s raining and hailing like crazy!!!! Cripes!
DVD it is.

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

I am way up there on a weight-loss high! Just this past week and a bit I knew I was feeling better, lighter in the belly better, so I bought some better butter, better that the bitter butter….just dicking around 😆
Where was I? Oh yeah…so I took a leap of faith straight on to the scales this morning. Good-bye 7.6 pounds and that first twenty pound goal is looking like it can happen!
Fucking Happy Dance Me!!!
Even after I revamped my plan March 19th things didn’t happen like I expected it should. I knew the weight was fluctuating. I always have an idea that I have lost weight without stepping on the scales. I was tired of looking and having it confirm what I already knew. No major break through.
I decided to tweak one thing that I thought might be causing me to hold onto the weight. (No, not butter,,,get over it! )
I haven’t eaten anything whole wheat for a looooong time. I had discovered that it made  me burp like hell and I always found it to have a bitter aftertaste.  I was still eating some wholegrain stuff. Bread, wraps, cereals. I thought it was a healthy choice. Apparently not so for me and weight-loss. I haven’t been eating any amount of bread, or tortilla wraps, but I have been having whole grain crackers and hummus for snacks quite often and some cereal.  This past week I cut out all of it. ALL OF IT. The only grains I’ve been eating are in their natural state. I like muesli on my greek yogurt (and I will eat oatmeal, i just haven’t been).
I eat greek yogurt several times a day and I also got rid of the no-sugar almond milk, not that it has grains, but I kept tasting the damned odd nutty flavor it has, no matter what I put in my protein shake. Everyone here is on this almond milk kick and to tell you the truth I prefer to have a few extra calories in the skim milk and have some damned protein. I need protein! Now I’m back to skim milk  which has a nice protein/carb blend. And I bought my regular chocolate milk to chug a few gulps when I want a sweet tooth or a quick high protein source in between work-outs and to get something to refuel my muscles when a meal won’t be ready soon enuf after a workout. Tail waggers choice!
This is what I changed that worked for me. In one week! Getting rid of any grains that are made, mixed, processed and blended with shit into pasta, bread or cracker form. Au Natural, baby!
I feel a lot better from it. My big gut isn’t so big afterall when it has no bloat and I noticed my hands don’t appear as swollen and goodbye little sausage fingers!
I’ve had some great hikes, bike rides, intense mini work-outs along with my therapeutic, return to running hamstring intervals. Think I’ll stick with this? Oh hell yes!

Off to do something active….damn rain…go away!

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Jumped on my bike today, rode 3.5 miles and instead of turning right around and coming back I hopped off and did a big hike down through the woods and out around shore. It was so nice and warm in the woods. While I was hiking out around shore the sun was beaming down and it was high tide.The waves were booming and thundering in and I just breathed it all in. Ahhhhhh! So like summer.

It took me 1hr. 55 min. to hike about 5.5 miles. And then I biked back home.

I had such a great day today! Now I’m really itching for summer to show up. 😎

Sunday, April 7th, 2013

I just did 100 burpees  & 100 sit-ups in 14 minutes.

Then I drank a bucket of water in 14 seconds! 😛

Saturday, April 6th, 2013

That’s me today. 6 miles of hiking this afternoon and I feel grrrrreat!

We had a lot of NW wind this morning, about 30 knot of it and I chose to ride my bike 2.5 miles to walk a dog I was pet sitting and then did the return ride. 5 miles is a long old haul when the wind blows against you one direction and then has the nerve to blow at ya going the other direction. I was expecting to have it easy and be blown home but I got my ass kicked. Since i was on a roll I did that big hike and once I was in the woods I had to peel off my jacket and tie it around my waist. I even needed mittens when I set out!

What a crazy place to try and do any outdoor activities this time of year. Freezing one minute and sweating buckets the next and then comes the cold chills! lol! Well that’s gotta add up to a big time calorie burn that makes a heart happy!