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i’m calling it a poop day

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

I’m in grieving. I wandered in and out blubbering in my coffee cup today. I have no appetite and I expect that. I loved my kitty. Pure and simple.
I forced down a small protein shake and  did manage to do my mile of intervals for my hamstring recovery program. I didn’t want to do the stupid mile, and dunno why I forced myself. I thought it would help. Then I carried some really nice rocks, big ones, over to put on his grave and cried all over them.
Ya see, yesterday when I called my guy from the vets to let him know about Mr. Kitty and to tell him I was bringing him home to bury, he did a very thoughtful thing. I had a few hours trip back taking the highway and then two ferries before I arrived home and when I pulled into the yard he was there waiting with shovels, etc. to dig the hole for me so I could lay my kitty to rest.
And guess what else he had?
He had went right to work after I had called him and made a little coffin out of pine. He even made the pine marker on a  post for the grave header. What he had painted on it made me burst out laughing. I was so blown away.  I had rescued Mr.Kitty in the bitter cold of winter in January 2005. He had been dumped off at the dump like garbage and was starving to death going from home to home getting into garbage. He was just skin covering bones. That’s why I never knew his age. Anyways, my guy had written on the marker:
Mr. Kitty
? – 2013

Isn’t that incredibly loving and sweet that he did all of that!
Awww shit,,,here I go again with the tears…

Thanks for the caring comments on my last post. This is a really great place to blog. I can’t handle talking about Mr.Kitty face to face with anyone here yet, so you guys are it. Thank-you!!!!

good-bye…i cry

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Yesterday was a bad, horribly bad and beyond sad day for me. A trip to the vet. I’m going to have a heavy heart for a long time. Mr. Kitty is gone. No loud purrs from the other side of the bed last night. No breakfast with Mr. Kitty this morning.  I had him, actually it was he who had me, for a long time. So, it hurts, and it’s lonely. One handsome boy who charmed the pants off of those lucky enough to have met him. Always love at first sight.
Today I’m going to work-out and cry.

He charmed us all. xoxo big strong kitty!