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i’m a fickle bitch…

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

…I have been dancing around, flirting with several ideas as to how to get this weight loss to kick in. It’s difficult enough with one plan, but I have so many ideas rattling around in my head that I just don’t know anymore what to stick with. If it was as simple as a plateau, then I would simply beef up the exercise to goose it along, but I’ve barely started and I need to lose some already to plateau! Jeezez!
I sat down this morning and did a freaking LOT of freakin strategizing! I’m pretty sure I have a decent plan mapped out and I’m going to see how this will work for me over the next two weeks. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect some respectable amounts of weight loss with this plan of mine. I like to keep things simple. I can’t be bogged down with complected meal plans. I don’t count calories because that requires time and patience I do not have to figure out the amounts.  I’ve decided that I want to follow a basic format of meals and snacks with options that I choose from. This is what worked so well for me last spring and I don’t know why I didn’t think of it in the first place. I wish I had hung on to my food/work-out journal from then. What a derfwad I can be.! 😉

Now, where was I? Oh yeah,,,my day will look something like this:
Protein shake
Work-out. No excuses!
egg white omelet(spinach, salsa, etc). Or, steel cut oats, protein powder & banana.
another activity- cycling, hike, etc.
lunch- lg. salad, lean protein.
snack- hummus, gluten free crackers, grapes, or Greek yogurt and a fruit ?
another activity if I didn’t get one in earlier.
dinner- chicken, or fish and a shit-load of veggies.
evening snack- celery & pb, or a protein shake if I work out.

So this flexible little plan of mine gives me 2 or 3 breakfast options. Also post, or pre work-out protein shakes. Lunch will always be a huge salad and my choice of protein. Snacks I will keep enough on hand to have one of three choices. As much lean protein and veggies as I want at supper.
What I like about this is I won’t have a bunch of food going bad on me because I only ate a little of something once in the week. I get to play around with limited options and that leaves the cupboard bare of varieties of foods that I’d be tempted to munch on.
What I figured out this morning is that I really need more discipline in the chow department. And after looking back over my food journal I could have made some better choices these past couple weeks that probably would have showed up on the scales.
I need to get that workout in straight away in the morning, and I need to up the activity level the rest of the day, too. Ya know, toss in something in place of sitting on my ass.
It’s almost time for decent weather to arrive and I’m thinking cycling will be a way to burn off some big calories in a short amount of time. I like race hard when I ride. None of that old lady with a flowered basket crap! 🙂
Come on spring weather. We are having a snow storm here tonight, but I think it will be gone in a day or two. No flowered baskets out there tonight. No one in their right mind either. It’s a nasty night!

Well now, where was I? Sidetracked again?  Yup! Roughly what I think should do it. I may open a page here to record my meals in and my workouts. If this works for me, and I don’t see why it wouldn’t, then I need to know what I was doing and eating during times that I have a good weigh-in, which I don’t see why I wouldn’t. 🙂 hahaa! So much optimism!
I did ride a couple miles on my bike this morning, but it was so damned cold and the wind was making my eyes water and it was freezing my cheeks. I came home and did 100 sit-ups and 75 push-ups out in y yard. Then I did a mile of intervals out on the road,,,I was pretty warm after those push-ups. My arms were like noodles blowing in the wind. i was pleased with my run intervals because my hamstring felt stronger this time. I try to land my feet right under myself and keep a tight fast steps and leg turnover . I used to over-stride and my foot strikes were actually working like brakes slowing my run down. The knee joint in the back always feels like, if I’m not on my guard, it will hyper-extend and buckle up under me when my foot hits the road. Today it didn’t feel like that until towards the end of my quarter mile intervals. Perfect! Bouncing back and stronger every day!
Gawd! I’m no typist. It’s a wonder I make any sense at all. So if my posts ever seem as if a distracted madwoman has hacked my blog…it’s only me…here in typing hell…unable to keep up with my fast forward mind. 😉