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wee! wee! wee! all the way home.

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

Not that I’m referring to myself as a pig in this title, oh no! I was going more for the “wee wee wee” factor as in I was so freaking happy walking back home tonight. And not wee wee like pee pee, although I was almost THAT excited. Ya see, after a weeks rest to my mutinous hamstring, I went out tonight and started back on my post injury return to running program. I decided to determine the walk to run ratios by how my leg was feeling & it worked out great. Tonight a few of my run intervals dipped to the 10+ min. mile pace. That’s a remarkable improvement. I kept sneaking peaks at my Garmin in the dark and I kept thinking I must be seeing things. Last time out I was ecstatic that I had made it to a whole 12 min. mile pace. 🙂  To think that I could barely walk the last of January! God, maybe I’ll rest it again soon another week and see if I can fly. 😉

Now to slowly blend these run intervals together into a complete mile. I’ll work on speed as hamstring dictates and that’s a ways down the road yet. Get that? the road…running…a ways? Okay, I’ll stop now. 😉 I’m just giddy.

If I’m going to get going on that 20 pound goal I have to make a schedule and stick to my work-outs because, not that it wasn’t a good one, but that was really all I did today exercise-wise…is that a word? I’m going to bed.