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All work and no play…

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

…makes me one tired chick! I had the opportunity to work for a week and I just finished up Sunday. I jump at the chance to earn a little extra dough on the side. It’s my mad money and I am putting it aside for some new running gear to reward myself for losing 20 pounds by the mid May. There it is people, a goal. I’m not making it a deadline with a date and subjecting myself to all of that type of pressure, because as sure as shit in a goose I will GAIN weight! Eff that!

I have $550.00 worth of incentive in my wallet. That’s a lot sweat, and chow control, but I’m good for it and fingers crossed I’ll be back to running my regular mileage by then so I can get the goodness out of those new running duds…that I haven’t earned yet! I’m working for that money all over again! 🙂

I’m ready to get to it, too as this past weeks work didn’t leave me much time or energy to work out like I wanted to. The weather is changing and come May/June and ‘shorts season’ I am going to love myself for getting clear of as close to 20 pounds as I can. 2 pounds per week. T-W-O. Weekly goal of 2 tiny huge pounds. 😉 I’m in!