Lucky 13th start?

Quite the start date, huh? Lucky 13. I do a lot of shit “bass-ackwards”, so what the hell…I’m feeling lucky!It’s getting well on into February now and if I’m going to have any hope in hell of not getting caught in my “fat shorts” one more damned summer, then I need to get my ass in gear and get serious. I normally carry my extra pounds pretty well, and had made it down to 194 pounds in the fall, but then I lost my momentum and I packed on an extra 15 pounds this winter AND an extra 7 from being laid up recently with an injury. I’m well on the mend now, but I just wasn’t expecting that. I thought 15 was bad enough. Shit!
I’m packing 22 extra pounds on top of my extra normal pounds that I was trying to lose! I could cry, but I couldn’t tolerate myself. 😉

With no looking back I’m headed off, once frigging again, down to 194 and then the push through to the 160’s.

Good riddance two hundreds…I’m so over you.

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