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X-Fit is tough!

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Been doing those crossfit workouts that I was going on about. They take anywhere from 5 minutes to 45 min. give or take, and what a burn! Some days I do just one x-fit workout and then do running, or a dvd. Yesterday I did 3 crossfit workouts. Yes, I’m a little go-getter!
For example, yesterday I did the following:
(I downloaded a handy timer app to my phone)

For time: x6 rounds of 400 meter runs & 7 burpees. So you run a quarter mile and do 7 burpees then dash off and carry on thru the remaining rounds of run/burpees-run/burpees….. Good way to work on your running! Or stumbling along as I seem to do a lot of. πŸ™‚

On nice days I like to take my gear outside, if possible, to do the workout. For any running WOD’s I have marked spots on the street so that when I return to my yard I have run the 1/4 mile, orΒ  1/2 mile distance required depending on what the WOD calls for. Then I can easily get right into which ever ever exercises are scheduled for in between the runs.
Its not easy because you time yourself and next time you do that WOD (workout of the day) maybe in a month, or two you see how much you’ve improved on time. I find it so motivating to challenge/test myself. Be fun with a friend too!
I did another where I set the countdown timer for 12 minutes.
In 12 minutes do as many rounds as possible of:
50 squats
30 push-ups
15 pull-ups
I managed 4 rounds! It was grueling, but the thing is that I did it. 150 squats! 120 push-ups & 60 pull-ups.
My push-ups were the girly type and they destroyed my arms! Wow! For pull-ups I laid on my treadmill and pulled my body up from an angle by grabbing the handrails as I’m not strong enough to do regular chin-ups. But Its a start!!!

After that I did: For Time:
12 then 9 then 6 then 3 reps of thrusters and burpees. My god I thought my heart was coming out of my chest. So that’s 12 reps of thrusters (dumbell overhead press right into a squat) followed by 12 burpees which I DO NOT like! They are so so sooooo exhausting! Then do 9 reps of thrusters/ 9 burpees, then 6 reps each and so on….i used my 15 pound each dumbbells and that was plenty.
This took me 3:14.
3 minutes and 14 seconds of pure hell.
Just try a crossfit workout and you will understand. So deceptively tough!

If you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, but somehow are still interested, simply utube crossfit. Or ‘crossfit’ followed by any exercise you want an example of. Crossfit thrusters, crossfit sit-ups, crossfit burpees, etc.

Have a great heart pounding day! hahaha!

Jazz vs Scales

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Down 1.8 pounds. I won this round. Week #1 is dead and done!Happy with this past weeks progress. I tried some light jogging on the treadmill to see how well I have been mending up. I’m pleased that, while the leg feels shaky and as if it could just fold up under me if I let my guard down, good news is that I’m able to do a very, v-e-r-y controlled sort of short gated jog at 3.5 mph and that’s to a max of 1/4 mile distances per session. I split those 1/4 mile distances up with intervals of sit-ups, squats and modified pull-ups.
Didn’t push the double daily work-out thing as I had intended. Going to do the “caution” thing so I do not have to deal with set backs that are my own fault.

Winter is on it’s way out and I am looking forward to getting into outside activities. I’m thinking of getting “himself” to help me fix up an outdoor type of area like they use this season on the Biggest Loser for Crossfit workouts which I am really excited to get into! They are short intense work-outs that pack a punch and give amazing results if you keep doing them faithfully.Highly addictive!

Be My Own Valentine

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Because I love me so much I showed myself a lot of love today. I worked out twice. Thank-me very much, I needed that! I kind of dug this double dose of self love. I’m going to try and make a habit of it. The sooner I can get my weight back closer to a healthier weight range all the better. Focus. Discipline. Sweat…a shitload of sweat.

am- circuit training with weights/plus several sets of sit-ups and modified pull-ups.

pm- cardio & weights.

Lucky 13th start?

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Quite the start date, huh? Lucky 13. I do a lot of shit “bass-ackwards”, so what the hell…I’m feeling lucky!It’s getting well on into February now and if I’m going to have any hope in hell of not getting caught in my “fat shorts” one more damned summer, then I need to get my ass in gear and get serious. I normally carry my extra pounds pretty well, and had made it down to 194 pounds in the fall, but then I lost my momentum and I packed on an extra 15 pounds this winter AND an extra 7 from being laid up recently with an injury. I’m well on the mend now, but I just wasn’t expecting that. I thought 15 was bad enough. Shit!
I’m packing 22 extra pounds on top of my extra normal pounds that I was trying to lose! I could cry, but I couldn’t tolerate myself. πŸ˜‰

With no looking back I’m headed off, once frigging again, down to 194 and then the push through to the 160’s.

Good riddance two hundreds…I’m so over you.