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21 hours and counting… June 5, 2013

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I have to report to the surgery center in about 21 hours, at 6am Thursday morning.  I have my meetings with the nurses, doctors, and care team.  At 7:30 am they will roll (hopefully they don’t make me walk!) back and begin the reconstructive process!  I should be about 3:30 – 4:00 pm.  I don’t know that I will be back to post here until Friday night or Saturday at best.  Facebook may be a better place, since I can post from my phone, which is likely to be more comfortable!  Today is a keep busy day, hanging out and preparing with the parents, and making sure we get checked into the hotel tonight!


1 More Day… (possible TMI for boys) May 30, 2013

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Tomorrow is the kids last day of school, and I am SO happy!  I can’t not wait to enjoy the weekend, go in for a couple meetings and lunch on Monday, and then I am done!

Yesterday, I took a class called “barre burn”, but it should have been called “booty burn”!  I really liked it, and I think once the skin is off, I will be even better.  This was the first time I REALLY noticed my balance and center of gravity is off!

Today, I had my last doctor’s appointment before my surgery, and it went really well.  Everything is in line for my surgery.  I do have a minor “set back” of a bladder infection, but I start antibiotics in the morning for 5 days, and then 1 day of my surgery antibiotics, then surgery!  I was also able to get off my birth control pill for the “longer lasting” IUD!  This makes me happy for multiple reasons.  Although I do NOT have the clotting mutations my mom has, I am concerned about blood clots due to an 8 hour surgery and limited movement for a while after.  The pill increases that, and the IUD is actually recommended for people with clotting issues.  Plus instead of $40/month, it is $3/month!  The device was covered by my insurance, but I had to find an OB/GYN, because my doctor won’t do them, due to me not having a child already.  She says it is unbearably painful and would never wish that upon anyone.  The doctor (a male, and no, it was not weird) said that GP’s in general seem to have an issue with this, but he does them all the time.  Don’t get me wrong, it sucked, but about 2 minutes, several “ow,ow, ow”‘s, and a 5 second bite to the hand, it was done.  Totally NOT fun, but not what I was thinking it would be.  He also said if at a later time, I want to get “more permanent” birth control, he is willing to do so, as long as he has a conversation with me before, and he is confident it is what is best for me.  This makes me very happy, as I am NOT interested in children, other than teaching them, and have always felt that way.

Tomorrow is last day bologna, and maybe a yoga class or something in the afternoon.

Saturday is my last belly dancing class until I get cleared after surgery.  I am also planning on taking “Aqua Zumba” just for fun.

Sunday is shopping/cooking for the week.

Monday is meetings, turn in belongs, possibly move rooms, lunchon, go home!

Tuesday is the final cleaning of the apartment.

Wednesday, I pick my mom and Jay (step-dad) up from the airport, and go for a run with them in the Texas heat! 🙂 *evil laugh*  We will be spending the night in a hotel near the surgery center so we do not have to worry about being delayed, car problems, etc.

Thursday, I have to be at the surgery center at 5:30 am, surgery is scheduled to start at 7:30 am.  I will be out around 4:00 pm.  I have to spend the night, and will get to go home Friday afternoon.

Well, off to relax for the night, and continue my countdown!  6 days, 13 hours to go!


A Post of Pictures: From 350 to 190 May 25, 2013

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350 pounds

300 pounds


Do the bad weeks ever end???

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Why, yes!  Yes they will!  As a matter of fact, I have 4 days left with the kids, and then 1 half day, and I’m done!

But, I got great news from the surgeon yesterday at my pre-op appointment!  I am done losing!  I am in maintenance until I heal from surgery, then I can evaluate where I am at, and if I need to change anything.

The funny part is every time I type this, I want to type “re-evaluate”.  There is no “re” here!  This has never been done before.  This is new territory people!  I am walking blindly through this, hoping I get it right.  And the best part about it is that even with my perfectionist surgeon, I am DONE!

Now maintenance.  I have (hopefully) learned that maintenance is just losing, a TINY bit relaxed.  It is NOT go back to my old eating habits.  That is the diet of someone who wants to basically eat themself to death.  I want to live, have fun, eat, but also run, jump, and be happy and confident!  So I will learn what I can and cannot do, and run with it!

Now off to have lunch with friends I have not seen in several weeks to celebrate.  ALL things in moderation (Including the yummy desserts!)!

11 days, 15 hours to go!


Ouch! May 18, 2013

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It’s been another rough week on the work front, with no hopes of letting up for the next 9 work days.  But I just have to survive 4 1/2, then I get to leave around 11:45am to go to my pre-surgery appointment with the plastic surgeon, and start my 3 day weekend!  Then I work for an hour and a half, then off to my surgical clearance appointment and probably straight over for blood work, then back to work for the rest of Tuesday – Friday.  Friday at 2:30 pm I say good bye to my 5th grader, and wish him luck in middle school.  I will also tell my 2nd grader that I will see him next year, and let him know I will most likely be one of his reading teachers.

My weight on Friday was 189.2, so I made it to my goal of getting back under 190!  I have less than 3 weeks, but I keep hoping that I will see 179.8 on that scale, and will do whatever I can, without killing myself, to get there.  My goal for Friday is to be 186.8 or lower.

Last Monday I was frustrated with not being able to get to the gym after work, for various reasons.  Most of them excuses, I admit, but I feel they are somewhat valid.  I came up with a plan that I would get up at 4:00 am instead of 5:30 am on work days and go run on the treadmill in my complex’s 24 hour workout room.  I started on Wednesday and made it Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday!  And other than feeling better and helping my weight, I have more energy throughout the day!  I think part of it is I get my blood flowing, but NOT from yelling, from endorphins!  Another part of me thinks my REM cycles are a little shorter or longer than normal, because the moment I wake up, I am ready to go, where as I am dragging @ss with the 5:30 alarm.

Today, Christian and I rearranged the apartment in preparation for my surgery.  You see, we have a 2 bedroom apartment.  One is our bedroom, the other used to be some friends, but when they bought a house, we turned that room into “the hippy room”.  We (well, I) have black lights, lava lamps, glow in the dark stars, funky lights, etc., so we turned the whole room into a little hang out room.  Part of the theory was we could close some of the vents in the living room and just cool the 2 bedrooms to save on the A/C bill.  But since my mom and stepdad, Jay, will be here for over 3 weeks, we moved everything to the living room, set up my computer next to my most comfortable recliner, and cleaned the bedroom thoroughly so we can set up our spare bed for the parents.  I didn’t think our setup was going to work, but I pretty much like it.

We got the kitchen mostly clean, and right now I am waiting for the washer, dryer, and dishwasher to finish, so I can do the final loads on those, so my kitchen will be ready for cooking tomorrow.  While I cook tomorrow, I think the only thing left for Christian to do is clean the bathroom, and I might even be nice and help him with that!  Tonight, I also need to do the fridge clean out and get my grocery list done.

On the diet front, its been great except a tiny bump.  I started using MyFitnessPal app to track my food and exercise.  It says that I need to eat back my exercise calories.  Even though I KNOW if I go above 1,500 I gain weight (unless I’ve ran 10 miles or something), I tried listening to it, and guess what?  I gained.  So now, I am still going to use it, but try and stay about 1,300 calories if I don’t exercise, 1,400 calories if I have done 30 minutes – 1 hour of exercise, and 1,500 if I have done 1 hour or more of exercise.  In a past life I would have said what counted as exercise, but one thing I HAVE learned is to be honest.  For me, doing 4 sets of 15 squats throughout the day is not exercise.  It is being active.  Exercise is running, walking with 15% incline, doing Crossfit type circuits, or being adventurous, like today, and TAKING A BELLY DANCING CLASS!  Which was AWESOME!  And since I’ve moved on to exercise, my goal is to do an ab video tonight, tomorrow do 1-2 videos or go to the gym.  Monday – Friday, I am going to get up at 4 am each morning, and do my 30 minute run/high incline walk.  I am going to try to get to the gym at least 3-4 days in the afternoon.

I have been spending a ton of time on 3FC, and talking, and reading.  I have made a couple of friends through there, so it is really nice, and I hope we become real life friends (well, at least the ones in the Houston area!).

Hopefully, I will be able to post more this week, but if not, I will be back with the week’s report next Saturday, after my next belly dancing class (which I rocked at, btw!)


Rough weekend May 13, 2013

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Friday ~ I mailed my packet of information to the insurance company.  I got it into the post office before 5pm, so I am hoping it arrived in Dallas today.  I should hear back in 7-10 days, but the lady I spoke to on the phone said that if they have enough information, sometimes they get an answer sooner.  We shall see.

On the way home, already stressed from the work situation, I got a phone call from my doctor’s office stating that they screwed up on giving me some information about my birth control options.  Looking back on it from today, it wasn’t that big of a deal, but it was the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back.

I ended up having a pity party and my daily calories we around 3,000-3,500 for the day, 1/3 of those calories were thanks to a pint of B&J Cherry Garcia.  The bad part is that is a binge.  I haven’t binged in several months, so far back, I can’t actually remember my last binge.  But the good part is I binged on food I wanted, not just anything, I was only about 2,000 calories above my allowed calories (used to be 10,000 calories was a small binge), and I didn’t let it control on the following days.

Saturday, I got on the scale and saw the number I have been dreading, 190.4 🙁  But I wrote it down and moved on.  I did my exercise, running 6.2 miles in 1h8m45s, a personal best.  I ate pretty good, on the higher end of my calories and kinda high in sodium, but with in range.  Sunday, my weight was 191.6, I am guessing from the extra sodium.  Again, I got my butt to the gym.  I ran 3 miles in 29m30s, did 100 pull ups (100-120 pounds of help), 25 decline sit ups, 10 captain’s chairs, 10 (each side) 10 lb side bends, 10 squats & 10 second assisted handstand x 6, and lots and lots of stretching.  Again, my calories were with in range, but on the high side.  This morning I saw 191.4.  Doesn’t seem fair, but it is the price I am paying for that yummy ice cream (although I don’t know that it was TOTALLY worth it, I am glad I actually made myself decide on what I actually wanted and ONLY had that, not anything that was just mindless).

So, now I need a plan so that I am back on track.  I have decided to “take advantage” of the binge and do a little calorie cycling.  Since I had 1 really bad day, and 2 OK days, I’m going to eat really low calorie (around 1,000 or less), and really low carb (no particular number, but so far I’ve had about 20g) for today and tomorrow.  I am also going to try and run 3-5 times this week, totaling 15 miles or more.  Today, I will commit to 3 miles, but if I’m in my groove, I’ll do more!  Wednesday, I will be back to normal, 1,500 calories.  It may be a little hard, but I had easy on Friday night.  Now, as we say on 3FC, choose your hard.


Step 1 is done! May 9, 2013

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Today I got a letter from my PCP.  She 100% agrees that I need the surgery and basically sang the praises of all of the hard work I have done, and how I would benefit medically and physically from my TT&BL!  Tomorrow, I just have to print my letters and get them in the mail.  BCBS told me that I should hear back 7 – 10 days after they receive my information.

In other news….

My scale batteries died Tuesday, had a rough week at work, and after getting new batteries last night, I am still below 190!  I was actually 188.4 this morning!  It feels so good to know that I can have a couple bad days and hop back on before weight becomes an issue.

What constitutes a “bad day”?

No exercise and an extra 200 – 300 calories.

It’s hard to believe how far I’ve come, but I have!  And I’m so proud, even when I beat myself up!

Today I did some squats, sit ups, and 3 jump and hangs from my pull up bar.  Not too impressive until I say that for the first time EVER I was able to hold each hang at a 90 degree bend in my elbow for 5 seconds each time!  Now to build it up!  Bam baby!


Rough week… May 8, 2013

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Not loving this week.  My kiddos at work are being SO, SO BAD!  Today I screamed like a drill sergeant for a majority of the day!  I NEVER do that!  Plus, I have one student that refuses to work, so he has after school detention until all of the work I need for grades is complete.

Which means exercise is going to be very low this week.  I have so wanted to binge, because that is what I do when I am stressed.  I have been able to get away with just having a 200 – 300 extra calories a day, and not exercising, but in the next day or two, I am going to see a number that I was hoping NOT to revist…


I almost lol’ed…  Who knew I would ever think that???

I am going to stay strong, do a few squats, sit ups, push ups, and pull ups, and call it a night.

Tomorrow, I will have a bit of free time at work, and I think I will force myself to go walk the track around the playground instead of staying inside.  Try and center myself.

I sent an e-mail to Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser.  I met her January 2008, and am hoping that she will remember me, take the time to respond, or maybe more.  I feel that even though I am still losing and have not proven maintenance yet, that I can inspire other people to do the same.  And the best way to reach people is through famous people!  Prayers are appreciated!

I’m off to get some exercises in, and hopefully get to bed a bit early tonight… 8:45 pm is just too late for me anymore!


Sundays May 5, 2013

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Sunday are rough days for me.  I hate cleaning, so Christian and I divide things up this way:

Me: All cooking, meaning I have to make sure that he has stuff for breakfast and lunch on weekdays and make dinner each night.  I also empty the dishwasher, clean the cat box, feed and water the cats and dog, wash, dry, fold, and put away laundry, and partake in the Saturday morning cleaning hour (whatever I feel like doing).

Christian:  responsible for the dog, dishes, trash, cleaning the toilet, vacuuming, and basically just keeping the house in working order.

I generally don’t mind how we divided chores, except Sunday.  I feel like I spend all day cooking.  But, it also makes it so I have quick meals throughout the week, so I guess I should be happy.

Today I made 26 mini turkey meatloaves, 2 pounds of turkey taco meat, asparagus spears wrapped with bacon, and used the leftover asparagus to coat with olive oil, spices, and parmesan cheese and baked it for dinner.  I also put a jar of spaghetti sauce, canned tomatoes, frozen chicken and a whole spaghetti squash in a crock pot in the fridge.  I can just pull it out in the morning, and when we get home, bam.  Dinner.

It was nice because last week I made so many muffins and breakfast egg muffins, I didn’t have to make those this week!

My goal for the week is to use up food before it goes bad.  On that note, I need to find out if the head of cauliflower in the fridge is good, and then cook up the broccoli!

I didn’t get in a run today, but my body is SORE after the kick ass workouts the past two days.  I will plan on going for a 2 mile run tomorrow after work, outside if the temperature is good!  I only have 7.2 pounds to lose til goal!


Another quickie ;-) May 4, 2013

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Weight today: 187.4!!!


ran 1 mile in 9m20s, 2 miles in 20m47s

50 declined situps

100 assisted pullups (100 – 140 pounds of assistance) in 8m

70 squats

Calories Ate: 1750ish

Tomorrow is grocery shop and cooking day, maybe I’ll do a 2 mile run from my apartment, down to the pond, and back… See how my outdoor time compares to my treadmill time.

Surgery is less than 5 weeks away… Soon I’ll be counting days, not weeks!


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