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first weigh in (day 8) March 2, 2012

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I went in for weigh in thinking if I lost 5 I would feel good about the week. I went over my food log with my coach and she was very appreciative of the fact that I wrote everything down….even the one strawberry I just had to have one night. I confessed to her about the day I went a little insane from hunger and ate a handful of almonds. whatever this diet does..or any diet does is make you appreciate food. everything tastes better. I was grateful for the almonds and it did not seem to slow/stop the progress.

Then I got on the scale and I tried not pay much attention….because I know how ridiculous it is to give this little square metal box so much power over my thoughts and behavior.

BW: 233

CW: 224.8…ok 225!

WL: 8

I do know this loss is some muscle, fat, and mostly water, but I feel better and can move a little easier AND it gave me a tiny bit more strength to move onward with this journey.

I have my official weigh in next week ( at 2 weeks) on the bio-impedance machine. It will measure fat, muscle, bone, water, etc….


p.s. the soy patty is horrible!


here i go again! February 20, 2012

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I am new to the blogging world, but have found some inspiration by reading about other people’s triumphs and struggles dealing with weight loss. So I thought I would give it a try.

Tomorrow I embark on yet another “diet”. I am fresh off several months of intuitive eating and gained 20 pounds (on an already WAY overweight body) before I realized….I have no intuition! I lost it in the late 80’s at Diet Center, or was it at WW, or maybe at home where I starved myself all day in order to have a margarita, chips, salsa, and a not so noble taco salad. So here I am deciding to put it all out there in hopes that it keeps me on track and maybe help someone else do the same.

I am doing the Ideal Protein diet. I have been on so many programs that I don’t trust it. However, I have blind faith that this time I am going to do this. Not only lose the weight, but keep it off by making permanent changes in my lifestyle.

Here I go. wish me luck! I’ll post after each weigh in. my first one will be on the 2/29.

p.s. I am having spaghetti tonight and breaking up with it for awhile.

starting weight: 233