5/28/13 Weekend Success & Failure

My weekend was both a success and failure all at the same time.  I was able to stay focused and get my house cleaned the way I wanted it done.  I got my running done for the concession stand and I got one flower bed weeded and flower purchased before the rain started yesterday.  Planting will have to wait for another day that is not wet and cold.  Failure comes with regards to my work out and eating right.  I failed on both accounts for the full weekend and may I remind you it was a long weekend.  I have not worked out since Thursday and I ate like a pig all weeeknd.  I refused to get on the scales this morning – maybe tomorrow. 

It’s raining now and weather man says rain all day so now I am not so sure if the boy will have his baseball game tonight or not.  I guess we can go to his honors/awards ceremony then.  Am I a terrible parent for allowing him to choose?  A piece of paper to tell me he is AWESOME or playing some baseball?  I let him decide and he picked baseball.  I guess if it’s raining and there is no baseball then we will go to the awards ceremony. 

I enjoyed my weekened and wish every weekend during the summer was a 3 day weekend but I guess if I had that then I would start to wish I had 4 day weekends then 5 day weekends and so on.  We are never really satisfied are we?  Like the little girl in the AT&T commercial says we want more we want more


The new schedule for the gym starts on June 3rd – I am looking forward to trying a new weight/circuit class on Tuesdays and a Strength and Stability class on Saturday’s.  I also signed up for the Good Form Running class they are offering (only for two days for an hour).  I think I need the classes to keep me honest in my work outs and I think I need the classes to get me started on the strength part of it.  I will give it a month and see what happens.  Two of the three classes I will be taking are free (part of my membership) and the third class (spin) is well worth the extra money.  The good form running is a one time deal – that cost me too but not much.   I need to get into a routine again.  Baseball season is messin me up big time.

5/24/13 Friday before Holiday……

Today should be long and boring…….Hope they let us go home early.

Yesterday’s spin class was AWESOME!  Instructor does theme’s to our music – she really puts a lot of thought into it.  Last night was TV theme songs.  OMG blast from the past.  Gilligans Island, Dallas, ER, Magnum PI, St Else Where, The Jeffersons, Cheers, Moonlighting…….at times it was hard to focus on the spinning because we were trying to guess the TV show.  It was a distraction but it was a work out for both the mind and body.  We laughed a lot!  Ever notice how once the class is established we can not alter our seating…..EVER…..it will throw off the earths rotation?


I have no plans for this weekend except clean my pig hole of a house.  Baseball season is killing my ambition to clean.  I just cleaned the kitty litter box last night – it was over flowing and I would not have blamed kitty if she had decided to shit in my bed or my shoes.  It would have been my fault.  Someone gave me a helpful hint…..think I will try it this weekend while doing the massive cleaning – I will let you know how it works out.

Everyone have a great Memorial Day – remember our veterns who gave their lives so we could have the freedoms we have today. 

5/23/13 AWESOME 2 Miler

First run done – It felt so good I wanted to keep going and going and going but I told myself I was going to get on and run 1 mile straight through and then one mile doing the C25K run/walk and I did (kinda).  The mile done I started the C25K run/walk and OMG it was so boring I changed to sprints.  One minute run one minute walk and finish up my 2 miles.  AWESOME……I felt so so…how shall I say it…..ALIVE.  I know it sounds stupid but fellow runners will understand.  I felt kinda like this……

I signed up for a Good Form Running class that my gym is offering in June (two evenings for an hour) – everyone needs a refresher.  I took a 6 week class at the YMCA not too long ago and love it.  I wish I could take that class again.  We all have bad habits and we do good for a while then they come back.

Never hurts to be told your form sucks and to fix it before you hurt yourself – or we all want to know if we look stupid.  Ever see those runners out there that just look like they are in pain or they are doing it so wrong you want to stop and say something to them…..well I know thats me sometimes.  We all revert back to bad form when we are tired or lazy.  So Good Form Running class signed up!

I also signed up the boy for a 7th-12th grader youth training class for this summer.  Works on form and technique to prevent injuries.  Strength and speed work too – I am excited and wish I could take it.  He is nervous since he won’t know anyone there.  Had to hire out GRANDMA’s Taxi Service – boy are they expensive – to get him to and from since of course its in the mornings. 

I am looking forward to my spin class tonight.  Spinning to nowhere is my favorite thing to do – besides running to nowhere.  I love my instructor – I know she reads my blog – this one is for you!  🙂


5/22/2013 OMG I am SOOOOO Tired!

Run did not happen last night – got home from work and hubby needed a ride into town to drop off his truck to get some work done on the brakes and figured we might as well go watch the varsity baseball game.  I did not have a chance to change so I was in jeans – OMG I was so HOTTTTTT

I even rolled up my pant legs on my jeans and embarrassed the boy.  After watching the varsity play for a while I headed over to the U14 field to set up the concession stand for that game.  Ended up working the stand and just let me tell you jeans were a HUGE MISTAKE. I knew when I got there I had thought about running home to change into shorts – should have done it.  I made it through the game and clean up and home by 9:15. 

Went to bed about 10:00 was rudely awaken at 11:30 by my dumb ass dog barking outside my bedroom window.  Had to hollar at hubby who was still up watching more baseball to let the F’n dog in.  I was awaken again around 1:30 by the dumb ass dog getting into the trash in the kitchen.  Holy hell what was his issue last night.  I caught him in the act and you would have thought I beat him – never touched him just flipped on the light and I swear he almost piddled on the floor.

This is what I envisioned him thinking last night – except it was with the trash….

Next thing that happened last night was 4:00 am wake up call by the boy who mistakely set his alarm.  The alarm music was so loud from his room I was trying to shut my alarm off in my room through my closed door.  I realized was it was his and he shut it off and I rolled over….guess what happened 9 minutes later – yep he hit the snooze not the off button.  So needless to say when my alarm went off at 5:00 am I ignored it and was late to work this morning.

I am grumpy and very unhappy today.  I pray my day will improve – even just a little will help.  I brought my gym clothes and plan to go work out – running on the treadmill is the plan…course that was the plan last night too.  Wish me luck to stick to the plan today.

5/21/13 Feeling GREAT

I am feeling great on this new medicine – well not really “feeling” any different but am down 10 lbs since last Monday.  I can feel it in my clothes and in my mind.  I am still taking the trial (lower) dose and tomorrow will be the first day on the full dose.  I am a little nervous and wishin I could continue on the lower dose until it stops working and then move up but since thats not how it works I will proceed as directed.

Work out Sunday was great.  I was not able to do anything yesterday since the boy had a baseball game last night.  They were able to get it it in – had a storm come through 45 mintues before the game but the sun came out at game time.  Little extra work to get the field prepped AGAIN but we got the game in.  They won 12-2.  

I want to run tonight and will do my best to get a short 1/2 hour run in before I go to town again tonight for yet another baseball game.  This time it’s nephews game.  Games almost every night this week – bring on the baseball.

The plan for today is to work all day run home and hop on the treadmill and bust out 30 minutes – jump in the shower and rinse off and head to the ball field.  I am going to start the Couch to 5K day one today to test the waters before my group of followers (38 so far) start training in June.  Day one is 5 minute warm up, 60 second jog/90 second walk for 20 minutes end with 5 minute cool down.  This is what I think I might do if I have time.  1 mile run then the 60 second jog/90 second walk for 20 minutes.  I should have time if I hussle out of here after work and don’t waste any time.

5/17/2013 I Think I am CRAZY

I am still sore and recoverying and was talking with a guy from work this morning about his couch to 5K training and OMG I started to wish I could run tonight.  Now I know I am not ready to start running yet so I guess I am not THAT CRAZY.  I will wait my week like I told myself I would and I will start out with some spinning first to get back going.  Who in their right mind cries for the last 5 miles of their run and a couple of days later is ready to start back up – oh I know……ME A RUNNER!

I don’t know maybe its the weight loss this week, the fact I finished what I started, I finished even though I could have gave up or the fact I am just plain CRAZY but I am ready to get back to working out and running.  I can’t wait until next week so I can start lifting weights, spinning and running. 

Life is good! 

5/16/2013 Unsure of recovery time

Is a week too long…too short?  I am going stir crazy not working but also kind of enjoying it.  I have been busy with baseball concession stand every night so I probably would not have been able to do much working out anyway.  After this week I will have met with all the teams and handed out money bags, keys and instructions for the concession stand and I can not have to go to every home game for every team in our program.  ugggg it has been tiring.  Watching kids I don’t know play.  I do know I enjoy watching the older kids play now…..watching U10 kids when they don’t know what to do drives me NUTS.  They will learn.

Just to refresh everyone my plans after my big race…….NO MORE BIG RACES for a while.  Focus will be on running a 5K the whole way and having a time under 30 minutes then I will move to a 10K running all the way with time around 60 minutes.  If I can accomplish those two things and loose about 50 pounds (or any substantial weight) before the end of the year I will sign up for the Riverbank 25K for 2014 and start training for that in January doing a run/walk.  I don’t think I would ever go that distance running the entire way.  Too hard on my old body but 3-6 miles I think is do able – did it a couple years ago I think I can do it again. 

I am going to finish out the week doing nothing (well not “nothing”…I am “recoverying”) and will start workingout again on Sunday.  Head to the gym and hop on the spin bike and log some miles there.  I looked at the gyms new summer schedule and think I have an idea of three classes I want to take – they fit into my schedule pretty good once baseball is done.  During baseball season I will miss some classes but two of the classes do not cost anything they are free with my membership.  The spin class I will only miss one or two – that one I have to pay for.

In Summary – I have two things I am going to focus on:

5K distance and speed

Diet/healthy food and loosing weight

5/14/13 Recovery Week

This week is recovery week for me and I have no plans to work out.  I am just now to the point of not making weird noises when I get up and start walking or heaven forbid I try to walk up or down stairs. 

Sure wish I could take a nap right now. 

Here is my plan post race – rest, rest and some more rest this week.  No work outs planned at all for a full week.  Watching watch I eat and looking to cut calories drastically this week. 


5/12/2013 Race Report & Mothers Day

Race report – I finished and I am still alive to type this report.  A few things happened to me over the course of the race weekend.  The majority of the experience was awesome and very rewarding but there were a few times during the experience that was less then awesome and had me second guessing myself and my ability.

We got to Grand Rapids and finally made it from the hwy to the Amway Grand Hotel – 45 minutes to make it about 3 blocks – shall I say traffic was a little heavy?  21000K race participants and expo visitors made it difficult to navigate down town.  We checked in and dropped our stuff off in our room and headed to the expo center. I picked up my race packet and we walked around a bit.  Stopped at a booth and was talking to an employee of a sporting good store – she kindly asked if I was running tomorrow and I said yes and she asked which race (there was a 5k, 10k and 25k) I smiled and said the 25K and she said “REALLY?”  with a very surprised tone in her voice.  She acted very surprised that I (an overweight person) was running in the 25K.  I shrugged it off and went on our way.  We did the trolley tour and had dinner and made it back to the room.

Had a relaxing evening at the hotel and BFF said I slept even though I did not feel like I did – she said the evidence was in my SNORING.  I really should have that looked at but am hoping it goes away with my weight loss.

Woke up at the butt crack of dawn.  I had my phone alarm set, wake up call and scheduled coffee to be delivered at 5:00 am.  I got dressed and ready and waited….and waited….and waited some more.  I decided to go out side for a little walk and see the people arriving and to test the coolness and my short sleeves.  I walked out the door in to the hall and apparently we were on the floor with the VIP conference room.  Door was open when I walked by and it was full of carbs and very foreign runners eating their carb filled breakfast.  I asked someone for an extra course map and she said “which race…I only have the 25K” and when I said the 25K was the one I needed she said “REALLY?”.  I had had enough of the response so I replied “yes and DON’T ACT SO SURPRISED – HEAVY PEOPLE CAN DO IT TOO” and she said oh I did not mean it that way.  Yeah right you did not.  I thanked her for the map and went out in the crowds and started my prep for the race.

I went back up to the room and finished getting ready and decided to stay with the short sleeves.  BFF and I walked down 20 minutes before the start of the race and thank goodness I did not have to use the restroom at the expo center or a porta john – the lines were CRAZY.  BFF snapped this picture of me while we waited for all the speedy runners to go by before I jumped out on to the street.

I don’t normally like to have my picture taken but I let her document me and my excitement.  Yes – she did it with out me knowing and posted it on FB.

Race started and around about mile 3 I turned around and found myself not too far away from the police car bringing up the rear of the race.  I stayed in that position the entire race.  First half went very well – flat and uneventful.  I had people around me for the first 1/2 of the race.  2nd 1/2 was very very very lonely.  I was alone the entire way except for the police car probably 1/2 mile back with two or three others who were slower then me.  The hills started and kicked my ass.  I had a terrible time with cramping around mile 11.  My calves were seizing up pretty good.  I asked one of the friendly EMT guys on bikes if they had a salt packet – he gave me a Cliff Block with tons of salt in it – I gagged it down and it did the trick for about 2 miles and then I spent the last 3-4 miles walking and crying.

I was crying for many reasons.  I was tired, my feet hurt, my legs were cramped, I was mad at myself for being so heavy, I was mad that the aid stations were all mostly down when I came to them, I was mad because the spirit stations were gone, I was mad at myself for signing up for this race to begin with, and I was happy that I was going to finish it.  I was proud of myself for saying I was going to do something and for training and doing it.  I cried when I was told the streets were opening behind me and that I would have to finish the race on the sidewalk.  I called BFF and cried some more.  She yelled at me and told me to keep going that she was waiting for me at the finish line – I LOVE MY BFF.  I rounded the corner and finish line was kind of still there.  As I got closer a race worker saw me and stopped what he was doing and told me he would finish with me…..he cheered me on and walked with me.  BFF saw me and came though the fence and walked with me across the line too.  Race worker man got me a medal and congratulated me for finishing.

Food was all gone at the finish line – I did get a muscle milk as they were loading them back into their truck and BFF helped me walk the block and half to get back to the hotel.  She filled the bathtub with ice and cold water and I climbed in fully dressed and shivered and shook for 10 minutes.  She brought me snacks and then laughed very hard when I dropped a chip in the water and I picked it up and ate it.  We both laughed so hard.  She catered to my every need and fetched me everything I wanted and then some.  I could not have done it with out her.  So THANK YOU to my BFF for everything.

Just got home and walked in to RED ROSES on the counter from the boy and dear hubby – for mothers day.  I love my family and my BFF.  I also love myself and realized this weekend that I am a very strong person and I can do just about anything I set my mind too.  I am going to take this next week to recover and I will be focusing my attention on shorter runs (5-10K’s) and working on my core/strength.  I want to loose 50 pounds.  Dropping pounds has never been easy for me – but I will give it my best shot.

Not sure if I will get out of this lazy boy chair today – just might spend the entire rest of the day sitting right here doing NOTHING.

Enjoy your Mothers Day – Happy Mothers day to everyone!

5/10/2013 Race Day Eve

I am actually very relaxed and enjoying my day off and honestly have only checked the weather 3 times since I got up this morning – down a great deal from yesterday 🙂  I can’t control the weather – only prepare for it.  50’s and clouds and chance of rain – no problem.

I am officially packed – I have watch, music player, nook and phone all charged up for the big event.  Race gear packed – Sports bra (very important), shirt, shorts, shoes, bondi band, hat, sunglasses, tape, scissors, Clif Bloks, baggie, klennex, lip gloss (girls gotta look pretty), oh and most importantly I packed some extra CONFIDENCE.  In the shower this morning  I had a nice chat with myself – gave myself a good talking too and we got it all worked out.  What fun tomorrow will be when I go out and finish what I started.  I can’t wait.  I am as prepared as I am going to be and I have done what I should – well not the last two weeks or so but still I feel prepared enough to cross the finish line.  Maybe not before they take it down but I will complete 15.5 miles tomorrow all before my massage.

My BFF offered to bring a wheel barrel in case she needed to come get me – TRUE FRIEND SHE IS!  She even offered to steal a horse and come find me on the course if I needed her help.  I can’t wait to have her cheering me on.  She is a very good motivator for me.  I love my BFF!  She is AWESOME!

I decided not to take my computer with me – I already have too much stuff to carry and my laptop would put me over the edge for sure.

I don’t need anything more to carry.  I have my running bag with all my running stuff and a big back pack with all my non running stuff and I will have a bag from the grocery store – fuel for the morning of.  The hotel has wonderful coffee and that will be ordered the night before for an early delivery so I can get rid of it before race time if you know what I mean 🙂

So I am signing off now and will report back on Sunday.  I might try to post from my Nook Saturday evening but not sure how that will work but I will try it.

Have a great weekend – get out and run some tomorrow morning – it will make me feel better to know that my friends are running with me in spirit.

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