9/5/2013 Resting and Running

Yesterday was kinda of nice – no running for me so I actually got to show up at football practice and not be in spandex and sweaty.  I don’t think some of the parents recognized me LOL.  Hair down, regular shorts on and sandals.  Big difference from the norm.  They will get the norm tonight. 

Last run before the big C25K race this Saturday with my group from work.  Should be fun and interesting.  Run the race and run to my car to make it to the boys football game. 

Stayed on plan yesterday – shake for breakfast and lunch, Atkins bar for snack in the afternoon, hummus and pita chips, venison tacos for dinner (yum)! 

My dear Momma is coming to take me to lunch today – so today is shake for breakfast and one for dinner. 

Have a great day!

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