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7/26/13 Work Outs

I got a total of 5 works outs in this week.  Monday was training run, Tuesday was stationary bike at the gym, Wednesday was training run, Thursday was spin class and tonight I did another training run at the track.  Tomorrow is going to be a day of rest for me.  Finally…

7/26/13 Where Does Time Really go?

Seems like just yesterday I was taking my boy to t-ball games.  Now I spend most of my summer traveling from baseball game to baseball game to practice.  Don’t get me wrong – I love baseball – but holy hell that took a lot of time this summer.  Baseball is offically done.  We have moved on to football.  The boy had football camp this whole week and I think he is ready for this season to start.  We are going to try on a top rated helmet tomorrow morning – I spend so much money on him for cleats, gloves, mouth guards etc……but use what ever helmet the program gives us to protect his brain.  I have decided this year he will be getting a 5 star helmet and I am hoping he will be able to use it this year and next year. 

Running training has gotten me down a bit.  I keep sending positive messages to the group to help motivate them to keep going but in reality those messages are for me.  I am struggling with my own running demons.  That little bitch that sits on my shoulder is not so little anymore.  She sits there and torments me through my training runs and slows me down and talks me into weakness.  I continue to try to flick her off my shoulder but she keeps coming back.  I know I can do this and will carry on but sometimes crying while running is the only thing one can do – which is what I did on Wednesday.  Lucky for me the sweat running down my face covered up the tears.  I will get through this…..I always do!  Just need to figure out how to get past this. 

A friend is a TRI-QUEEN and I am jealous.  I wish I had the courage to do it.  I am a chicken when it comes to the swimming part of it.  I could do the running and biking but swimming……I don’t like weeds and lake water.  I prefer to float and it has to be a hard sandy bottom with no weeds.  This is me… lake water with weeds and mucky bottom!

Yep – chicken shit!  Crying like a baby.  If I could just over come that fear……maybe that would be a good challenge for me.  NEXT YEAR.  Why rush into anything.  GOOD LUCK CD – I know you will do just fine.  You don’t need no stinking wet suit!  Just stick noodle in your suit or use swimmy’s on your arms.  Whose going to say anything?  You will do AWESOME!

Have a great day!