6/21/13 A Week? Really?

Holy shit its been over a week since my last post.  I have been working out and doing the baseball thing so nothing really has changed.  I have done 3 training runs with my C25K group and they have gone very well.  I took a class on Good Form Running and hated to see my fatself on the video but was interested in seeing my foot placement and form….both of which was not terrible but I have somethings to work on. 

I borrowed a metronome and am curious to see if I can get 180 steps a minute to shorten my stride and keep my big ass feet under my big ass body when I run.  Mid foot running is hard when you are not used to it.  Habits are very hard to break.  Tomorrow mornings run will be with the metronome and I will see if I need to buy one.  The trainer who did the good form running class said she loves hers and still uses it.  The insane beeping might make me run faster to get it over with.  I have gotten used to running with no music during these last few training runs.

Baseball season is almost done – just a couple more weeks left and then we have a short break and football seaon starts up.  The boy is taking a class to help with speed and agility – I wanna take the class.  He said it was like a last chance workout from the Biggest Loser.  He got to play with the big heavy ropes and slippery skate thing and 1/2 balance balls – he said it was AWESOME.  Perfect for pre-conditioning for Football.  He will have football camp the middle of July too and this class – busy busy busy.

I am gaining weight taking this pill – not sure why since my work outs have increased – pisses me off.  About to say fuck it and stop taking them and just be who I am but I want it to work so bad.  I will keep going one more month. 

Hubby tore his shoulder up in a tragic wiffle ball incident during the parent vs kids game last Saturday – no work for him since but thank goodness no surgery.  He is already feeling better and has much more mobility in it.  Maybe the surgeon is right and he will only be off work for 2-3 weeks.  Thats life……He does kinda look sexy with his arm in a sling – nothing sexier then an injured man – except an injured man with a paycheck AND a tool belt.

I will start posting again – I promise.  Virus thing on 3fatchicks threw me a bit.  They seem to be having lots of probelms lately.  I missed posting and then got busy but I am back!

Have a great weekend!

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