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6/13/2013 Day 1 Training COMPLETE

Day one training of the Spartan C25K is complete and it was FUN.  I do have to admit after the first training run I kinda looked/felt like this……

The second run went a little better – I did get to go a little slower and it did rain on us a little which was nice to help cool us down.  But I imagine I still looked like the above picture after the second run.  4 miles done last night and it felt really good.  I have not run in a long time.  Tonight is spin class and I am excited about that.  I had to miss last week because of baseball.  Looking forward to getting my ass kicked!

Day two of running training is tomorrow – no baseball this weekend so I will get another day of running training in on Saturday or Sunday. 

Have a great day – get out and do something….anything!