6/12/13 Day 1 of C25K Training

It’s official – today is Day 1 of the C25K training that I am responsible for providing the tools and information to 53 people to complete a 5K in September.  I would say about 5 of those 53 people are runners – one of which is a marathon runner, one is a tri-girl and one likes to run 13 miles every morning before work.  Crazy that I am the trainer/leader of this group.  The vast majority fall into the walker….wish to be a runner group which is right up my alley.  I feel comfortable with those people.  I don’t however feel comfortable with the people who run a 6 minute mile and can do a 5k in 15 minutes – again – CRAZY!

The few runners have offered to help me with the more advanced people in the group and I can hang back with the walkers who dream of one day running a 5K.  I too dream of running a whole 5K again one day.  It has been a long time since I ran 3.1 miles straight through and am looking forward to the training.  My goal for this training – finish the 5K in September in 30 minutes or less.  I want to break free of the 40+ minute time that I have always been at.  I am going to follow the C25K plan and see what that does for me.  No walking breaks during the race.  It has been years since I did that.  I know it can be done.  I did my first 10K that way. 

I am exteremly nervous/anxious to have all these people looking to me for motivation.  I think I will do a fine job but still – nervous and anxious.  Weather is not looking too good for our training runs today.  Due to work end times I am having two training runs today – I should be good and tired.  The plan calls for 60 second jog followed by 90 second walk – repeat for 20 minutes.  It has you jogging for 8 minutes total.  I can do that TWICE – thats only 16 minutes of jogging over the course of two hours.  I can do that no problem – right?  RIGHT?  ANYONE….ANYONE…..RIGHT?  OMG WTF HAVE I DONE?  I have not worked out in like two weeks……I am FREAKING OUT……..

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