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6/6/2013 Not enough time in the day

Someone changed the time in a day – I just know it.  Someone is messin with me and it’s not funny.  Before I know it the time is after 9:00 pm and it’s time for bed and I have not worked out yet.  Last night was suppose to be my nothing planned day so I could work out.  Oh no…can’t have that.  I found out in the morning that I had to make “underwear cookies” for the boys Social Studies class for today.  WTF are underwear cookies you ask……Well they are suppose to resemble what your kids (and mine on occassion – I am adult enough to admit it) underwear look like when they roll them down and leave them on the floor all rolled up tight in a figure 8 shape…..hence the name “underwear cookie”.  I have to admit when they cook up they do kinda resemble what I have seen on my bathroom floor before. 

How to Make Polish Crullers - Chrusciki

So I worked all day got home and hubby had dinner cooking – boy’s turkey with noodles and my mom’s fresh greens for a salad – very yummy dinner.  We got the dishes done and then started in on the cookies.  After cookies were done we had to run into to the baseball field and do a money check on the concession stand so by the time I got home it was after 9:00 AGAIN!  AGAIN NO WORK OUT. 

Tonight I work all day and get home change and we have to leave by 5:00 for a baseball game that is 45 minutes away.  My only hope to get a work out in today is a rain out – don’t really want that because it’s a pain in the ass to reschedule baseball games.

I miss my spin class already……This should be the last one I have to miss.  No more Thursday games unless we have to reschedule any.