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5/30/2013 Being Organized Makes a Difference

Having a clean house and being some what organized makes a huge difference in my attitude at home.  I can’t believe what I can accomplish when my house is clean.  I worked yesterday, went to the gym and got 2 miles on the treadmill and 15 minutes on the spin bike done, went home made dinner, did the dishes, watched a little TV, did laundry and sorted some clothes for Goodwill and went to bed feeling like I accomplished something.  What I should have done was plant those plants I bought on Monday…….they will survive.

The treadmill run was ok – I was so tired the last 1/2 day of work.  All I did was yawn for about 3 hours

I figured I would not be doing anything when I got to the gym but as soon as I left the building I got some energy.  Sometimes I think this place sucks the life right out of me…..of course sometimes I think my home life does the same thing.  The grass is always greener on the other side.  What we make of what we got is up to us.  I gotta get busy and make some changes that are needed in some areas of my life. 

Today is spin class followed by the rush to an away baseball game if the weather does not put a damper on it.  It’s beautiful now.  Oh how I wish I was home working in the flower beds (or in my pj’s drinking coffee watching tv).  I have decided that I will go directly from spin class to the baseball game – sweet smell of spin coming from my pores.  I have a feeling I will be sitting alone hopefully with no bugs around me cuz they can’t stand the smell either.

So the DD girls do sweat a lot – and it can be very hard to get that sport bra off after a work out.  Anyone else have that issue?  I know no one can comment – I sure wish 2fatchicks would fix their commenting abilities.  Oh well. 

I can’t wait for the new session of Gym classes to start next week.  I am anxious to start the Weight Circuit class on Tuesdays – I need someone telling me what to do for strength. 

Have a great day!