5/28/13 Weekend Success & Failure

My weekend was both a success and failure all at the same time.  I was able to stay focused and get my house cleaned the way I wanted it done.  I got my running done for the concession stand and I got one flower bed weeded and flower purchased before the rain started yesterday.  Planting will have to wait for another day that is not wet and cold.  Failure comes with regards to my work out and eating right.  I failed on both accounts for the full weekend and may I remind you it was a long weekend.  I have not worked out since Thursday and I ate like a pig all weeeknd.  I refused to get on the scales this morning – maybe tomorrow. 

It’s raining now and weather man says rain all day so now I am not so sure if the boy will have his baseball game tonight or not.  I guess we can go to his honors/awards ceremony then.  Am I a terrible parent for allowing him to choose?  A piece of paper to tell me he is AWESOME or playing some baseball?  I let him decide and he picked baseball.  I guess if it’s raining and there is no baseball then we will go to the awards ceremony. 

I enjoyed my weekened and wish every weekend during the summer was a 3 day weekend but I guess if I had that then I would start to wish I had 4 day weekends then 5 day weekends and so on.  We are never really satisfied are we?  Like the little girl in the AT&T commercial says we want more we want more


The new schedule for the gym starts on June 3rd – I am looking forward to trying a new weight/circuit class on Tuesdays and a Strength and Stability class on Saturday’s.  I also signed up for the Good Form Running class they are offering (only for two days for an hour).  I think I need the classes to keep me honest in my work outs and I think I need the classes to get me started on the strength part of it.  I will give it a month and see what happens.  Two of the three classes I will be taking are free (part of my membership) and the third class (spin) is well worth the extra money.  The good form running is a one time deal – that cost me too but not much.   I need to get into a routine again.  Baseball season is messin me up big time.

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