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5/22/2013 OMG I am SOOOOO Tired!

Run did not happen last night – got home from work and hubby needed a ride into town to drop off his truck to get some work done on the brakes and figured we might as well go watch the varsity baseball game.  I did not have a chance to change so I was in jeans – OMG I was so HOTTTTTT

I even rolled up my pant legs on my jeans and embarrassed the boy.  After watching the varsity play for a while I headed over to the U14 field to set up the concession stand for that game.  Ended up working the stand and just let me tell you jeans were a HUGE MISTAKE. I knew when I got there I had thought about running home to change into shorts – should have done it.  I made it through the game and clean up and home by 9:15. 

Went to bed about 10:00 was rudely awaken at 11:30 by my dumb ass dog barking outside my bedroom window.  Had to hollar at hubby who was still up watching more baseball to let the F’n dog in.  I was awaken again around 1:30 by the dumb ass dog getting into the trash in the kitchen.  Holy hell what was his issue last night.  I caught him in the act and you would have thought I beat him – never touched him just flipped on the light and I swear he almost piddled on the floor.

This is what I envisioned him thinking last night – except it was with the trash….

Next thing that happened last night was 4:00 am wake up call by the boy who mistakely set his alarm.  The alarm music was so loud from his room I was trying to shut my alarm off in my room through my closed door.  I realized was it was his and he shut it off and I rolled over….guess what happened 9 minutes later – yep he hit the snooze not the off button.  So needless to say when my alarm went off at 5:00 am I ignored it and was late to work this morning.

I am grumpy and very unhappy today.  I pray my day will improve – even just a little will help.  I brought my gym clothes and plan to go work out – running on the treadmill is the plan…course that was the plan last night too.  Wish me luck to stick to the plan today.