5/16/2013 Unsure of recovery time

Is a week too long…too short?  I am going stir crazy not working but also kind of enjoying it.  I have been busy with baseball concession stand every night so I probably would not have been able to do much working out anyway.  After this week I will have met with all the teams and handed out money bags, keys and instructions for the concession stand and I can not have to go to every home game for every team in our program.  ugggg it has been tiring.  Watching kids I don’t know play.  I do know I enjoy watching the older kids play now…..watching U10 kids when they don’t know what to do drives me NUTS.  They will learn.

Just to refresh everyone my plans after my big race…….NO MORE BIG RACES for a while.  Focus will be on running a 5K the whole way and having a time under 30 minutes then I will move to a 10K running all the way with time around 60 minutes.  If I can accomplish those two things and loose about 50 pounds (or any substantial weight) before the end of the year I will sign up for the Riverbank 25K for 2014 and start training for that in January doing a run/walk.  I don’t think I would ever go that distance running the entire way.  Too hard on my old body but 3-6 miles I think is do able – did it a couple years ago I think I can do it again. 

I am going to finish out the week doing nothing (well not “nothing”…I am “recoverying”) and will start workingout again on Sunday.  Head to the gym and hop on the spin bike and log some miles there.  I looked at the gyms new summer schedule and think I have an idea of three classes I want to take – they fit into my schedule pretty good once baseball is done.  During baseball season I will miss some classes but two of the classes do not cost anything they are free with my membership.  The spin class I will only miss one or two – that one I have to pay for.

In Summary – I have two things I am going to focus on:

5K distance and speed

Diet/healthy food and loosing weight

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