If a Pig Wouldn’t Eat It, Neither Should I!

I have a miniature pot belly pig, not so miniature these days, but I have one nonetheless. She was a gift from my husband for my 36th birthday. She is an eating powerhouse. No food goes to waste here. In addition to all manner of table scraps, she eats banana peels, apple cores, peach pits, […]


My doctor told me a few months ago that denial kills more people than anything else. He said he saw it in his office every day, people whose worst condition was denial. He said the mind is a very powerful thing and you can convince yourself of absolutely anything. I was absolutely in denial about […]

Don’t Get All Hot and Leave Me!

I love my husband, dearly. He is literally my best friend in the world and the person I would rather spend my time with over anyone else. Last night, we were talking about my fitness goals and he said “Don’t do all this and leave me. I’m a broken man and there is no fixing […]

As it turns out, I actually *am* fat!

I have never really felt fat. I guess that is hard to explain when I weigh over 300 pounds. But, I have chalked it up to being hot in high school or the shape of my body now. I would even have told you a week ago that I was still hour glass shaped at […]

Back Where I Began

Well, as the title says… I’m back where I began. I weighed in at 307.4 the other day. I’m not going to lie, I knew it was bad because of my heart. It has started acting up again and I was like “Clearly my weight has climbed too high, time to bite the bullet and […]

[email protected] you, Skinny Cow!

I did my regular grocery shopping this week at Sam’s Club. We always buy in bulk at Sam’s because we have 4 kids, one of which is a couple months from being a teenage boy and may be trying to eat us out of house & home. Anyway, I have discovered that I really do […]

These Days

I haven’t had much to say recently, so I have completely neglected my blog. These days, I am feeling it again, so here I am.  Not much has changed. I’m still plugging along with school. I am still struggling with the death of my father. I dream about him almost every night.  My father was […]

Life After Gallbladder Removal

I had my gallbladder removed in September 2010. I was in HORRIBLE pain, it wasn’t functioning, full of sludge and stones so out it went. I got terrible sick after that. I was very scared. I woke up in horrible pain in the middle of the night every night and my husband started waking me […]

Walking and Dogs

I enjoy walking, I always have. We move out to the middle of nowhere and there is no real safe place to walk. Our road, being secluded, seems to be a trial run for race car drivers. Not exactly, but the people drive down our road like wild maniacs. They are flying! So, it is […]

Do What You Have To Do

“First, say to yourself what you would be, and then do what you have to do.” ~Epictetus I read this quote earlier today in someone’s signature on 3FC. It really rang a chord with me. I googled it to see where it came from, and I really think it is wise advice. I’m doing what […]