I got on the scale today, not actually expecting a weight loss as every muscle I have is aching, it’s TOM and I just ate, but YAY 300! That means I’m a little over 7 pounds down in 10 days. I realize that does not mean 7 pounds of fat and some of it is just water, but it feels good and I’ll take what I can get!

I’m keeping up with my Zumba game and Kung Fu High Impact game. Oddly enough, it is the Kung Fu game that really wears me out, like bent over trying to catch my breath worn out even though both of them keep me moving.

I drove to Walmart to buy a replacement stability ball. My son popped mine yesterday and I was lost without it. We are expecting a huge snow storm tonight and I do not want to be snowed in for days without it. My husband may be right.. I’m addicted. It feels good to be addicted to exercise, though.

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