Life After Gallbladder Removal

I had my gallbladder removed in September 2010. I was in HORRIBLE pain, it wasn’t functioning, full of sludge and stones so out it went. I got terrible sick after that. I was very scared. I woke up in horrible pain in the middle of the night every night and my husband started waking me up to eat in the middle of the night. If my stomach got fully empty I was in agony. I couldn’t keep food in me for long, though. After many, many tests, It turned out that I have a hiatal hernia and ulcers which were causing the problems.

I have been eating a very clean diet since my cardiologist said losing weight was the best thing I could do for my heart. Mostly vegetarian. I did eat meat once sense the semester started and I was in horrible pain. It was barbeque beef brisket and it was fatty. I also ate one slice of pizza on another night (accounted for and on my diet) and thought I was dying… stupid stomach. My husband said he used to date a girl who had her gallbladder removed and she could not eat pizza or spaghetti or anything fatty at all. He said if she ate something wrong she was in horrible pain.

I think it is basically like this… when you have a toothache and you take a painkiller, once it wears off the pain is INSANE.  Yeah, I think I’ve been doing so good and eating so well that when I eat the crap I used to eat all the time it is actually painful. When I used to eat crap and drink pop all the time my stomach did hurt all the time. Pop just kills me now. I had these pills that coated my stomach to help with the pain. Now, I don’t need those pills to exist since my stomach does not hurt like it used to on a daily basis…. I just need to keep eating clean and I think I’ll be fine.

Having your stomach reject food that is overly greasy is not a bad thing in my opinion. I am feeling much better and much healthier.  So far I’ve lost nearly 45 (44.5) pounds since my hand surgery April 30th. So proud of that. It’s not been a super fast weight loss, but my pants I just bought before the semester started are falling off my butt! lol We are a week or two from buying new clothes so I’m happy that I’m going to be needing a smaller size.

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