Walking and Dogs

I enjoy walking, I always have. We move out to the middle of nowhere and there is no real safe place to walk. Our road, being secluded, seems to be a trial run for race car drivers. Not exactly, but the people drive down our road like wild maniacs. They are flying! So, it is […]

Do What You Have To Do

“First, say to yourself what you would be, and then do what you have to do.” ~Epictetus I read this quote earlier today in someone’s signature on 3FC. It really rang a chord with me. I googled it to see where it came from, and I really think it is wise advice. I’m doing what […]

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Sometimes life feels very discouraging.  We have struggled so hard for so long. My husband was injured in Iraq in 2008. We’ve struggled since then, financially and emotionally and I’m tired of the fight. I am just exhausted. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, however. He applied for disability compensation in […]

A Lesson Learned in the Woods

Yesterday my husband and I decided we would take our son to Turkey Run State Park. It is right up the road from our house. We thought we would cross the suspension bridge and let our son stomp around in the creek a bit and when he got bored turn around and go home. I […]

Vegetarian for a Semester

I have decided I’m going to go on a low-fat vegetarian diet for a semester (August 20 to December 15) and if that works out well, I’m going to go vegan for the spring semester of college. I’ve had much success with a vegetarian diet in the past, well, once I was getting enough protein. […]

No Longer Drowning!

An amazing thing happened to me yesterday! To back up a bit, our bed is crooked.  Our mattress had been on the floor for some time and when we moved to our new house and set our bed back up, it is crooked. The head of the bed is slightly lower than the foot of […]

Sometimes I Just Want to Run Away

Sometimes I just want to run away. Not run away from my husband or my kids even, but just run away. Start over somewhere new.  As if things would be different or somehow better in another location. I feel like that now.  I have an urge to run. I have a husband I love immensely, […]

I Stole a Dog Today!

I stole a dog today. Okay, not really. My Mom & niece are visiting her family across the country and I am taking care of her pets and garden while she is away. I had mentioned before she left that I was bringing Bugsy to my house while they were gone, but had since decided […]

Immersing Myself

One of the things I remember the most about my Dad was he never did anything half-heartedly. He gave everything 100%.  He was a minister and one Sunday when he was preaching he mentioned immersing yourself. Not like baptism or anything, but to dive deeply into a subject, surrounding yourself with it. He explained that […]

Dear Stomach Flu, Go AWAY!

My 2 year old, KittyBear, has been extra cranky and clingy for the past couple days. Every single sentence ended with “Mama?!?” like a panicked question. And he talks a lot. He generally is my shadow, but this has been extreme. I’ve heard my name a million times. I woke up at 4 am in […]