Cardiologists are Cool

I saw the cardiologist today. Not quite what I was hoping for, as in he did not say “you’re good. Go home. Rock out.” Instead he said that they found either a weak spot or small blockage in my heart. He said it could also just be that I am busty and the MRI did […]

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today would have been my Dad’s 63rd birthday. We¬† are off to my Mom’s house to help keep her company today. I am going to cut and perm her hair before she takes my 15 year old niece on vacation to Kansas to visit her family. I am glad they are going. I think it […]

Gardening Keeps Me Moving

This morning my body ached. It aches every morning. I have a diagnosis of “Fibromyalgia” Having said that, the doctor who diagnosed me has since had his medical license revoked for medicaid fraud. Yikes! I feel that diagnosis was a “I don’t know what is wrong, have some pills.” He had me on 48 pills […]

Trying to Care

It’s been a little over a month since my Dad died. It was just before the halfway point of my summer semester of college. Today is the last day of the semester. I am still at this point really struggling with giving a rats @ss about school. It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO important to me before. It […]

Dealing with Death Blows

I have struggled to deal with my parents mortality for the past few years. It is so hard to accept that a man you see as Superman could die… Growing up, there was nothing my Dad could not do. He worked 60 hours a week at a foundry and when he found God, he had […]

Welcome to My World!

I went in for bilateral carpal tunnel surgery in April and it led to the decision it’s time to stop treating my body like an amusement park. Before the surgery, the attending staff started an IV, hooked up a heart monitor, blood pressure monitor and all the happy hoopla that goes along with surgery. I’m […]