First comes love, then comes marriage, then a baby… and then the gym and diet

post pregnancy weight loss


sounds like I might have a plan (4HB)

I got the ‘four hour body’ book and I think I will give it a try, I am even hopeful my hubby will want to give it a try with me since it’s not much of a diet but a lifestyle change, which allows you a cheat day a week and actually recommends to limit your work out to 3 times a week while you are focused on lowering your fat percentage.

From what I read the main modification for a breastfeeding mom is just adding more water, by the sounds of it I will have to keep supplementing with formula because it wouldn’t be healthy for a young infant to have just that, but my milk production was never enough so he is only getting breast milk as a snack really.

Another thing that is nice is that I will most likely wait a bit longer to do weights so I will not have to pay for gym quite yet, after the c-section I must admit I am a bit scared to do it, so light stretching every morning and the elliptical 3 times a week sound about right.

I am mentally preparing myself to see my husband get rid of the weight wayyy before I do, from what I read that is usually the case so at least I won’t get frustrated thinking it is not working, it will just take me longer, hopefully this means it will also take longer to gain the weight back!

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