The Beginning

So about 3 weeks ago I went into the doctor with really bad ear pain and blood coming from my ear. Turned out I had ruptured my ear drum but that was the doctor visit that would change my life forever. As routine they checked my blood- pressure. It has been slightly elevated for YEARS. Which wasn’t a big surprise due to weight, family history (both parents are on medication), and P.C.O.S. Well it was WAY high this time. I chalked it up to be in super pain and I hadn’t taken any medication for it that day not knowing what they would give me. well than I went and checked it two times since than and its still been just as high.

Also my blood glucose levels have also been borderline for a few years again not surprising due to the things listed above. Well after getting the news that my blood pressure is up I checked my sugar levels these are also higher than they have ever been. Also my P.C.O.S. symptoms are worse than they have ever been. My weight is also at it’s highest.

The doctor I went and saw I went to because she is the cheapest in the area and due to no insurance and low income but to high to get lowered health care I have to go with cheapest. well she immediately jumped to putting me on drugs to manage. Now i am for drugs if I need them but this was the 1st time the doctor had seen me  and this was the brief history I gave her. I mean if I was to go into the medical history all the way I would be in the office for a good like hour. Also I want to try non drug methods before I jump into taking the medications.

So because i have so much going on with me I know medications might be beneficial for me at this point except for the added financial stress that would put me under. So after a few conversations with a few friends and family and lots of meditation and prayer. I decided to take the most active role I have EVER taken in getting my weight off and keeping off.

So here are my stats

Age: 26



So i am ready to start taking control and hopefully reverse the damage I have done to my body.

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  1. mshollyann Says:

    Doing it the natural way is the best and healthiest way for you to do it. It is a struggle but you. can. do. it. Just remember that. I started at 313 and am now down to 230, it has been a year and 2 months. It has been a long road but I have learned so much. You can take care of your health physically but you need to take care of your mental health as well.

    Good Luck on your journey!

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