9/27/08 (189) – We went to “Boondocks Farms” with my Mom and Step-Dad.  While we were there, my Mom asked about me losing weight and said she could notice.  She said I was looking “nice” and she was proud of me.  How cool!

9/5/08 (189) – I took my son to my hometown to stay the weekend with my step-dad.  While I was there, I stopped by my Dad’s house and chatted for a while.  He said “You been losin weight?  You’re looking good!”.  I can’t believe that my Dad noticed.  I may remember this for the rest of my life.

8/28/08 (190) – A co-worker (Terri) told me that she could tell that I was losing weight and that I was looking good. It felt nice for someone to notice. Then we were talking about clothing and she said “It’s because your not that big”. She’s a big girl too, so I’ll take it as a compliment. I’m gonna go dance now.

8/23/08 (191) – My hubby said nice things which ended up in great “maritals”. WHOO-HOO! Since this is one of my goals, I felt extra good to have him say it. He means what he says, so it means more to me!

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