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My name is Hiedi.  I am married with a sons born in 2001 and 2010. I have two fur-babies, Ripley (a Golden Retriever) and Sandy (a Sheltie mix). I finally graduated with my Master’s in Social Work in May 2008 and am glad to be done with school after 5 grueling years. I love hot rod culture and have a wonderful hot rod husband.  I have a good life.  The only thing that I would change is my weight.

I feel that I am finally moving onto another chapter in my life and am hoping to make this the one that ends with me being thin.  I’ve read “The Step Diet” and been wearing a pedometer since January 2008.  Now I’ve just got to get to work.

As of June 29, 2008 (my official start date), I’m 32 years old and weigh 204 pounds.  I’m 5’3″ and just want to like what I see in the mirror.  I don’t like to limit my foods, though I do love veggies, so I’ve decided to take “The Step Diet” seriously. (Update on 9/19/10 – Still stepping, but not following the Step Diet anymore).

I’m married to my pedometer.  Sometimes it annoys me, but it feels like a real part of my life now.  I can’t stand when I forget it, I feel accountable to it and I don’t want to disappoint.

Wish me well… I’m gonna take my first step to a thinner Hiedi.

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  1. Hey, Heidi! We’re about the same size. I’m 5’2″ and got up to 204 last December. If an old hag like me can hang in there, you can too!

  2. Hi!

    I am new to 3FC and just read through some of your blog. I am a grad student and I have gained so much weight since I started my program! I feel like all I do is eat while I study! I am trying a new diet…it starts on November first, but I figured I should blog while I do it. I can totally sympathize with a lot of the things you have written! It is nice to know I’m not alone! good luck with your journey!

  3. Hey….Ilike your blog….I like your positive look on life!
    Way to go….you can do it!

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