It’s a beautiful day and I am overcome with guilt.

Its such a pretty day here in Indianapolis.  Its a bit chilly, but beautiful to look at.  I need to be doing some yard work, but don’t really feel like it.  I’ll probably stay in the house all day, my only trip out may just be to the gym.  I set up a schedule to start including Circuit training on a regular basis.  I was reading the Biggest Loser workout book and I think it might help me move from this “stuck” point.   So, my new schedule is:

Sunday – Circuit and Cardio

Monday -Cardio

Tuesday – Circuit and Cardio

Wednesday – Rest Day

Thursday – Cardio

Friday – Circuit and Cardio

Saturday – Rest Day

I was struggling to get to the gym on the days that I work.  I work Monday through Thursday, so this schedule has me only going to the gym (for circuit training) on Tuesdays.  Surely that will be OK.  Also, during the summer we go out of town a LOT.  That generally means that I am not home on Saturdays, so I made sure that Saturday was a Rest Day. I hope this works.  I’m not very good at altering a schedule once I’ve got it down pat.  To boot, I’ve already goofed it once…. yesterday.

My closest friend is also overweight.  We have lost weight together before, but this time I am very dedicated and she isn’t really even considering it.  It makes it really tough.  A couple of weeks ago, we decided to start getting together on Friday or Saturday every week to make time for each other.  She works an swing overnight shift and I can’t ever remember when she works.  I work Monday-Thursday (11am-9pm), so its really hard to get together.  I thought it was going to be great.  As it turns out, its a real challenge for me.  Yesterday I called her to ask about getting together and she asked that our families meet (not just her and I).  The kids wanted pizza, so we went to a new pizza joint in town.  They got this humongous all meat pizza and I got a single size veggie pizza (I’m not even sure its better for me, but it made me feel better about eating pizza).   The goof was the stupid breadsticks!  I ate SO many!  So today is officially my rest day but I am overcome with guilt.  I DON’T KNOW WHY I DID THAT!  The week before, we met at Olive Garden and I did the same thing… I ate a TON of breadsticks.  Geesh… I need to get a grip.  To boot, I only got the cardio part done yesterday because we went out and then they came back to my house.  I had planned on going after my hubby got home from work, but then that got all mucked up.  I suppose I just need to stick to it and not let things  derail me.  Surely if I had said “you can’t come over because I HAVE to go to the gym” they would have looked at me like I was crazy.  AND RUDE TOO!

Can I just add that I have a picture of myself at the Roller Derby and I am eating a BREADSTICK?  OMG… This is too much.  That must be “the” food for me.  I have to STOP! I just can’t believe it took me this long to realize it.

So, its another day.  The biggest rule in weight loss seems to be that “everyday is a new day”.  Don’t let one flub goof everything up.  So, while this is a rest day, I’ll probably choose to do some cardio and circuit just to make myself feel better.  I need to get this routine down so that I am more likely to stick with it.  I also need to sign up for childcare at the gym so that I can take my son with me and not be waiting for my hubby to come home.  Perhaps I’ll do that today.  Anything that I can do to make things easier will go a long way.

On a side note, I’ve been going crazy about my weight not moving.  I got on the scale on Sunday (3/29) and my weight was 177.  Then, I got on the scale on Wednesday (4/1) and my weight was 181.  What the hell?!  I’ve been working my butt off and it just aggravates the hell out of me.  Well, I “started” yesterday and this morning my weight was 178.  Is 4 pounds normal to gain for “that time”?  Gosh, that seems like a LOT!  I don’t mean to complain because if it was just “her” then I am happy again.  I’m still frustrated that I am not losing but REALLY HAPPY that I didn’t really gain 4 pounds!

Anyway, I’m rambling.  I’m gonna go read some other blogs, have a terrific day!

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  1. I don’t want to be a downer but I would be careful w/your friend. If you have generally lost weight together and she’s not into it right now she might start (continue???) sabotaging you by suggesting pizza, breadsticks, etc. I have been in her shoes before and when I saw others losing weight and I wasn’t, even if I wasn’t trying to lose weight, I said things like “It’s only 1 cookie, it won’t hurt.” Now that I’m the one who’s focused there are a few people that I don’t hang out w/as much for that very reason. It’s hard to do but I know it’s best for me right now.

    Good luck w/the workout schedule. Hopefully you’ll grow to love and crave your workouts.

  2. That’s pretty good advice. It’s hard for sure. I hope I start to love the workouts too. I was hoping that I could be a positive influence on her, someday. It doesn’t have to be now but it would be nice whenever she is ready. 🙂

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