Pedometer and The Biggest Loser

Well, I’m obviously struggling to get back on a routine. Humm…

I bought a new pedometer. This one just plugs into the computer and records my steps. Now I don’t have a reason to use my spreadsheet, so I’m struggling with a routine.

Here’s a good thing – I joined the “Biggest Loser” challenge at work. It starts on January 5th and lasts 15 weeks. I’m determined to kick all kinds of ass and win the damn thing!

I’m gonna sit here tonight and fidget with my blog. Some pages are ending and I’ll create new ones. I need a plan. I think that my weight is less than 190 today. I’ve gone up a bit but still at least 14 pounds down.

I wonder how much weight I can lose in 15 weeks? I’m guessing 30 pounds would be ideal. I wanna lose more though! I know that’s stupid, so I’ll just aim for 2 pounds per week. I need goals… and a plan.

Maybe I’ll run to Barnes and Noble and buy a Biggest Loser book to get me started. I can’t wait. The pedometer is still a huge part of my plan. I think that I will set goal steps for everyday, that doesn’t change. Perhaps 13,000? I can’t possibly get 13,000 steps per day consistently without moving quite a bit.

I’m finally re-energized about this whole thing. YEAH!

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  1. I’m so happy for you that you’re excited about this process again. Maybe I can steal some of your enthusiasm…right now all I’m excited about are peanut clusters.

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