2009 – Goals

WELCOME 2009! Well, its a new year and I’m gonna have to get new goals.  I have decided on the goals, so here they are!  I am going to use FitDay (http://fitday.com/fitness/PublicJournals.html?Owner=hlinder ) to track all this… so check in! 1. Drink 64 ounces of water daily. 2. Walk 11, 000 steps daily. 3. Slim […]

Ideas Needed

I’m trying to think of ideas to help me with the Biggest Loser challenge that starts at my work in January.   Got any to share? 1.       OA Meetings 2.       13,000 steps per day 3.       Slim Fast for  breakfast everyday 4.       64 oz. of water daily 5.       Exercise Daily *****Treadmill (12-week workout plan) *****WiiFit

Pedometer and The Biggest Loser

Well, I’m obviously struggling to get back on a routine. Humm… I bought a new pedometer. This one just plugs into the computer and records my steps. Now I don’t have a reason to use my spreadsheet, so I’m struggling with a routine. Here’s a good thing – I joined the “Biggest Loser” challenge at […]

It’s been too long!

I can’t believe that I have been away for this long!  Geez I’ve missed this place.  I’m not getting my steps.  I’m not watching what I’m eating.  Well, weight is so far so good though.  Well, I’m gonna go read some of your blogs and try to catch up.  I’ll try to think up how […]