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Being Silly

Tee hee hee….  I’m a dork.   I was frustrated about food and grabbed the camera.  I added some stupid pictures of my face (See Hiedi’s Face page)!  LOL!  Take that! Will I look like Tina Fey when I lose weight?  Palin?  I wish I had my glasses on and long hair!  What?  I like talent […]

I might just pass out.

I can’t believe it.  I never eat out.  Today, I had to read some reports for work and thought “Oh, I’ll just go have lunch”.  What a crock.  I went to O’Charley’s and had a 1/2 Club Sandwich, a salad with low-fat dressing, a roll and a Diet Pepsi.  I thought I did pretty well.  […]

Today was (is) a good day

Today is Day 6 of my 21 Day Challenge and I am doing well.  My goals were to weigh myself daily and to get the required number of steps everyday.  So far so good! Weight – 184 Steps – It’s only 6:15pm and I already have 9,274 of my 10,000. I can’t believe the scale.  […]

Well, there went that!

I just ate about 4,000 Cheez-Its.  Grumble.

TODAY IS IMPORTANT… don’t forget it!

None of us should forget that. As a matter fact, I think that I will be adding that to the list of things that I tell myself every morning. TODAY IS IMPORTANT. Everyday, I wake up (thank goodness!) and stumble to the coffee maker. Its routine for me. The one thing that I believe that […]

Food Log? I’ve never done this before!

Food logging isn’t exactly my strong point, but I’ve been trying to keep track of it for the last week or so. Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts about what I’m eating? My goal is 1268 calories a day and I’m averaging 1220. Thanks in advance! I’m not really sure why I eat so […]

Reiki I Attunement

Holy moly.  I think that my life has changed forever. About a year ago, I was at a school function/convention-like-thing and saw a woman offering Reiki.  While I had no idea what Reiki was, I decided to try it because I had some extra time.   I laid down on the table and she proceeded to […]

I’m better AND smoke free!

OK.. so I’m a bit better. I’ve had many emotions today…. but I’m better. Just for starters, I need to announce that I quit smoking. YEAH! Yesterday was my start day, though I didn’t start until I finished my last pack. I got patches and slapped one on. I don’t have many cravings, so that’s […]

Serious Post – Beware!

While I am feeling optimistic about restarting my weight loss, I seem to have also partially lost my mind. There are so many things that I just don’t like about myself. It seems that I lash out at my husband, mostly because I am not happy with myself. It’s not fair, but seems to be […]