Day 70 – 191!

Today is Day 70 and I am doing well. I actually have a lot to report!

I got on the scale on Thursday (8/21/08) and my weight was 191! WHOO-HOO!

I went to the HAMB Drag Nationals and had a blast. We drove 1100 miles over the weekend in our trusty 1963 Valiant. I had so much fun and also got to have a great time with my hubby. I don’t think that I could ask for more. I posted a new picture of me that was taken while I was there and weighed 191. I don’t see a difference. I took another picture of my face that I will post soon. My goal was to be at 189 by the HAMB Drags and I didn’t make it. I can tell by the way that my pants fit though; something positive is happening!

I haven’t gotten to play with the Wii Fit yet, been way too busy. I plan on getting to that this weekend and I can’t wait. I’ve just been too tired after getting off work.

I’ll write more when I have some extra time.  For now, everything is just cool as it can be!

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  1. Congrats on the weight loss this week. I’m looking forward to hearing what you think of the Wii fit…I’m dying to get one!


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