WiiFit and a Weigh In

Well, it’s officially Day 64 and Weigh-In Wednesday. I weighed this morning and the scale said 193. Again. Oh well, it’ll move eventually. I went out to a HUGE dinner last night for my MIL’s birthday. It was great, but may be the reason that the scale continues to say 193, I feel like I am smaller. We’ll see next week… perhaps I’ll drop 3 pounds or something awesome!

I got my WiiFit last night and am SO excited about it. I didn’t get to try it due to not getting to leave work until 1:30am (4 hours late!). I hope to have time tonight to “play” with it. DH already played a little bit and said he thought that it “was cool”.

I’ll post my thoughts about it as soon as I get to play.

I updated my spreadsheet, though I can’t get the colors to “chill”. I made them pastel, but on here they are BRIGHT! YIKES!

Have a great week all!

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  1. you’re positive remarks to the scale is encouraging. 🙂 i’m sure its just food that hasn’t passed yet, so next week may just be as amazing as your hoping for! 🙂 best of luck to ya, can’t wait to hear how the Wii went.


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