Blech… I’m moody.

I have several things going on right now and it’s making me moody.  I just gotta get it all out.

Work – About 9 weeks ago, I was promoted to Supervisor, but was unable to move fully into that role until my replacement was found and trained. Well, he is trained.  So yeah!  Starting Monday, I have a new schedule, new hours and a full new title.  That’s cool.  I’m a bit scared, but it’s a good thing.   That means, however, that I only get 1 day off this week instead of my usual 3.  I like having 3 days off a week, it’s part of the reason that I work where I do.  My old schedule was Wednesday-Saturday (1-11:30pm).  My new schedule is Monday-Thursday (11-9:30).  That means Sunday is my only day this week.  Nothing too terrible, just I have other things going on that I need to take care of.

Son – My son starts 2nd grade on Monday.  I’m a bit mushy, but also ready for school to be in session.  Bummer is, I used to have Monday’s off and now I don’t.  So I get to drop him off and stuff, but I won’t get to see him after school and that breaks my heart.  I’m going to ask my hubby if he will bring Jake to my work after he picks him up so that I can see him. I have all his school supplies, but we never went clothes shopping… guess ‘ll be doing that on my one day off this week.  🙁

Friend –  My friend might be going through a divorce and I am worried about her and her husband.  We have all been good friends for about 10 years and this is a real bummer.  Her DH is my DH’s best friend.  It’s gonna be a mess.  Perhaps it will all be OK, but it’s not looking good.  I’ll just keep my fingers crossed.

Steps –  I have been rocking out the Step Diet and doing very well.  On Tuesday, I went and tried out Muay Thai kickboxing, hurt my knee and have been suffering ever since.  First it was my knee and I was trying to work it out.  I got my steps for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and then Thursday evening, my calf started hurting.  Kinda like a Charlie-Horse.  Now it feels like I have had a Charlie-Horse for 2 days and stepping is just not going to happen.  I decided to adjust my goals to help me not feel like a failure.  I have 4 days to get back to normal.  Keep your fingers crossed about that too. I’m mad about the whole thing.  Kickboxing was fun though, even if I didget injured!

Trips – I have several trips coming up that I had built into my goals.  Those are stumbling now.  I have one trip that my hubby and I are going on and I am really looking forward to spending some FUN time with him.  I haven’t gotten the babysitter thing worked out yet, it’s really starting to stress me out.    In addition, another of the trips that is planned is a”couples” trip of sorts.  The “maybe divorcing” couple is going with us.  I love going places with them, but it feels weird now. We also want to take our son to Holiday World, which was planned, but we forgot about the State Fair.  Now we want to go to the State Fair on that day and can’t figure out when to go to Holiday World.  We’ve had all summer…. well, kinda, I was working every Saturday.  Blech.. this is driving me nuts.

House – This is just fully stressing me out because it is a dusty mess.  I just can’t stand it.  Laundry needs done, but my leg has been hurting so I have been unable to go up and down the basement stairs.  That’s just pure frustration.  Housework was one of the major ways that I added steps everyday.  This is just driving me nuts.

It seems to me that a good deal of my frustration is due to procrastination.   I am not one who usually procrastinates.  I have no idea why things are getting away from me now.  The one thing that I DO know is that I told DH that I was getting tired of keeping track of everything and that he needed to help.  He doesn’t have to help with everything, just pick a couple of things and take care of them.  It would help a lot.  He agreed and the things that picked were the trip to Holdiay World, the State Fair, school clothes shopping and making babysitting arrangements for the August trip.  Grumble….  Now what?

Thanks all.. have a great Saturday!

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