Muay Thai, here I come!

After many months of “considering” it, I have finally done it.  I am signed up to take my first Muay Thai class tomorrow evening.  It’s at 6:30, so I’m sure that I wil give a full report.

Right now, I am nervous and excited.  I am afraid because I am not the athletic type.  I am ready, however, to be proud of myself.  I want to do something for me and not in a group.   I think that this is a part of the “change”.  I made the mistake of telling my friend about what I was thinking and she suggested that we do more of a “cardio-kickboxing” thing.  I don’t want to do cardio-kickboxing.  I don’t want to just exercise.  I want to learn kickboxing.  I want to understand the complexity of marital arts.  She made several good suggestions, but basically she was telling me that she didn’t think it was “like me”.  Well…. like me or not, here it goes.

I always seem to take the “one down” position.  I’m the “goofy” wife.  I’m the friend you know is “safe”.  I’m not the courageous or strong one…. and I want to be strong and feel confident.  I want to feel sexy AND powerful.

Now that I have listed all the reasons, it’s time to DO IT.  I’ll give a full report.  I hope I don’t come back defeated.   So shhhhh… I’m not telling anyone.  This’ll be our little secret.  🙂

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