Wow. What a month.

Wow. What a month. I can’t believe it, but here we are… the last day of August. It’s been an interesting month for me. I hurt my knee and went on a trip where I didn’t get enough steps. It seems that all I’ve done this month is try to catch up! I have to […]

These steps are out of control!

I’m finally getting around to writing, it’s been a busy week and I’m ready for a break. It seems like these steps are taking over my life. I don’t want to give it up, so I am going to have to figure something else out. I’m glad that Sunday is the last day of August, […]

Day 70 – 191!

Today is Day 70 and I am doing well. I actually have a lot to report! I got on the scale on Thursday (8/21/08) and my weight was 191! WHOO-HOO! I went to the HAMB Drag Nationals and had a blast. We drove 1100 miles over the weekend in our trusty 1963 Valiant. I had […]

WiiFit and a Weigh In

Well, it’s officially Day 64 and Weigh-In Wednesday. I weighed this morning and the scale said 193. Again. Oh well, it’ll move eventually. I went out to a HUGE dinner last night for my MIL’s birthday. It was great, but may be the reason that the scale continues to say 193, I feel like I […]

13,000 steps is alot of steps!

Well, I am back on track this week and it feels good.  I have to get 13,000 steps per day this week.  It’s been a challenge.  Wednesday was my first day of the week and I didn’t quite get there.  Yesterday, however, I hit the nail on the head and had 50 steps to spare.  […]

Day 57

Well, it’s Day 57 for me and things are looking up.  My leg is feeling TONS better and I have gotten through the rough last week.  I am finally back on track! Last week was a lazy one, though I didn’t gain any weight so I’ll consider it a success.  I need 13,000 steps per […]

Blech… I’m moody.

I have several things going on right now and it’s making me moody.  I just gotta get it all out. Work – About 9 weeks ago, I was promoted to Supervisor, but was unable to move fully into that role until my replacement was found and trained. Well, he is trained.  So yeah!  Starting Monday, […]

Weigh-In Wednesday

Well, it’s Weigh-In Wednesday!  I got on the scale today and it read 193!  WOOT!  WOOT! I went and did the whole kickboxing thing yesterday, which was magnificent, though I hurt my knee.  It hurts like crazy today.  I took some ibuprofen and hope it helps.  I’m supposed to get 12, 500 steps starting today […]

Muay Thai Reaction

OH MY GOSH… KICKBOXING ROCKS! I went to the class. We started out with jump-rope work to get me all warmed up. Well, mid-way through, my knee went kaput. It hurt like crazy! I kept going though, I wanted to finish. I learned basic stuff like how to move, right and left punches, knee and […]

Muay Thai, here I come!

After many months of “considering” it, I have finally done it.  I am signed up to take my first Muay Thai class tomorrow evening.  It’s at 6:30, so I’m sure that I wil give a full report. Right now, I am nervous and excited.  I am afraid because I am not the athletic type.  I […]