New Beginnings

heidiruth on Oct 25th 2009 10:25 am

I am not very good with words or writing my feelings down, so I will see how long this “blog” lasts. My motivation for weight loss started when i realized how much weight I have gained. I was never the skinny girl but I never weighed this much I was always around 150-170 lbs. Now being at 252 lbs is really taking its toll, I seem to get tired faster and overheat way too much.¬† I am tired of being the fat chick so its time to change my¬†lifestyle and make myself healthier. i am only 22 too young to be this overweight. So I make this promise to myself to lose weight and eat healthier, for myself and my future since i would like to have children someday. Lets start and lose weight!!!!

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