P2D3 HCG Diet

Well for me things are moving very slow! My cold/sinus infection is worse and I have had to take meds to prevent myself from getting a really bad sinus infection as I had in 2010 (1st one and hope to be the last). My weight has stabilized at 174! That’s it. I have only lost 1 pound. I am doped up on OTC meds and still retaining water. I did read that you do retain water when ill. So I guess that is what is going on. I need to increase my water consumption. I may not have lost anymore weight, but I have lost inches. That is funny and refreshing! To show you, I took my inches, as told too on P2D1 (2 days ago) and the following are my readouts.


Upper Waist: 32.6

Mid Waist:34.6

Lower Waist:38.6


Upper Waist: 32.2

Mid Waist:32.3

Lower Waist:35.5

So, although I am sick and my thoughts are the meds are hindering my weightloss, while retaining water due to being sick, my fatloss is happening. I will be thrilled when I get better, lose this bloating and water retention, and lose some pounds!

I will update later on. Heading into week 7 tomorrow! Arrggghhh

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P2D1 HCG Diet Full Steam Ahead!

Today is the official start of my 40 days on the HCG Protocol. That means I must now adhere to the 500 calories a day diet for the next 40 days. Although if you have been following with my personal experiences you know that I am going rouge here! The diet itself is very strict, but the carb levels for me are way to high! I did manage to eat chocolates (an early VDAY gift from kids and hubby) and some meatloaf, veggies, potatoes (omg mashed are so good, I have not eaten starches in so long)! So my weight did not change. That is great btw! Still at 174. I took my HCG pictures and measurements. I will do more pix at day 20 and day 40. Then  I will load them for analysis!

I have not felt hungry yet today, if you have been following, then you know I am force feeding myself, since I am not hungry. I did down a protein shake made with water, and the shake is by Herbalife. No carbs or anything, except protein! And yes some calories. I ate a piece of cucumber, with vinegar and flax seed. I have a plate in the fridge waiting to be consumed. I will add tuna and spinach to the side as well. I have to get 500 cals! I did lightly weight train. I plan to walk before bed tonight.

Now for the rouge part. I only want to get 10-12 g of carbs daily. If you have read my other posts, then you know I am carb sensitive! Anywhere from 15g and up acts like a balloon in my belly! I am also still retaining water! I have been this way since TOM came and went. I wonder if you retain water when sick? I have a cold or sinus cold going on. Last night I started meds for this problem. I had a sore throat the past week that is now getting worse. I expect this issue to interfere negatively with my diet progress. Once it clears up, I think things all around, will be great. I also want my fruits, but I think I will tackle those once a week. The oranges I have, contain fructose (duh) and lots of carbs! Carbs to the point that I can not eat anything with carbs for 2 days afterwards!

I will post my thoughts daily and post any progress that I make. My thoughts are to combine what I know works for my body and scientific facts that back up what I already know. As for the fat intake on this diet, any fat consumed will be low and only healthy ones at that. I will continue with my supplements, B complex, Multi- vitamin, Fish Oil, Green Teas and Apple Cider Vinegar.

CW 174

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HCG Diet Loading Day 2

Well I made it through loading day yesterday to prepare for the next 40 days of the diet. I even lost a pound which was unforeseen and awesome! I took the drops are directed and like most other people found it difficult to eat so much food. I just had no appetite to speak of. Today I have taken my starting dose and then had some fresh squeezed orange juice. I have some tea prepared for when I want a different drink and have enjoyed my coffee loaded with Irish Cream. I have no idea what foods I will enjoy today, as I am still not hungry. Look at the irony in that. I can and am supposed to eat anything I want and not count calories or macros and yet I am not hungry! On other diets I am starved and begging for cheesecake. Hmmm there is an idea. I have not eaten cakes or pies in months! Well that is my update for now. I will post more later on.

Weight: 174

p1d2 of HCG Diet (I have done this diet before in 2010. I lost a lot of weight, do not recall how much. Then eventually gained the weight back later in 2011 when I was stuck in bed everyday with a back injury)

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Into Week 6 BB Challenge!

I have about 40 days left on this challenge and have stalled in my weight loss! This past week I weight trained and stopped keto to enjoy a week of fruits and veggies. Those items are very limited on a keto diet. The result was increased water retention and weight gain. I had started that week off at 173 but have jumped to 175 and kept it! That sucks….a lot!

Now I have to push it a lot to get some better results before this challenge is finished. I know Keto works for me and I know HCG works great for me. I am going to combine both of these diets. The fats on the diet will still only be healthy fats, but much more limited than a typical keto diet. I also know to keep my carb intake to 10g or less, since I am carb sensitive. See the things you learn about your body when you experiment with it? So 6 weeks prior I experimented and know what works and does not work. These last 6 weeks are going to be hell! I know that and am ready for it. My muscles ache from workouts, but I tell myself that I am still burning calories from those weight training!

I took the kids to school this morning and went to Wallie World after. They usually carry the HCG1234, but since it was me going to buy it, there was non on the shelf. I contemplated going elsewhere, but I was not fully awake yet and motivated enough. I studied what HCG products there were and saw 2 red tagged items. So the first addition I am adding to my supplements is called Lichi Super Fruit. It is $5. Fine by me. The next tag was for Cybertrim Pro HCG and again $5. So even if this type does not work as well as what I wanted, I only spent 5 bucks! That works for me! Oh and it is a 4 oz bottle, yeah extra stash!

Today and tomorrow will be P1 or load days. Then I will begin P2 I still have 60 pounds to drop. I did the math and even if I only drop 40lbs, that will still bring me to my healthy goal of 135 in weight. 115lbs is my desired weight. I also figure that if I get there and then slowly and correctly start eating normally again, I will stabilize a bit higher. So anywhere between 115 and a final of 125 is perfect!

So today is SW 175

GW 135

TGW 115

Days on HCG will be 40

I will update with how I am feeling tomorrow!

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Diet Update

So when I last posted, I had explained that I did a carb up weekend and some weight training. Then by Tuesday I got back to the weight I left off at before carbing up. Then I stalled again for a day or two. I hate stalling. Especially when I am working so hard to lose weight, fat, and inches. So since I am doing the Keto Diet, I found a supplement to add to it. It is called the fat fast. So I implemented it yesterday. Today I am finally down 1 pound. Not much, but at least I moved down a number instead of maintaining that same number! This fat fast is not done for more than 4-5 days in a row. I will supply additional information about it later.

So, the diet simply increases your fat % to 90 and protien and carbs make up the last. I of course opted to limit the hell out of my carbs, to really hit ketosis deeply. I am under and up to 10g of carbs and will do this for 5 days. Everything else will be fat and some protein. Then I will alternate back to 20-24.5g of carbs daily for 3 days and switch back to the fat fast. I will have to analyze the results, if it continues to work, good and if not, well I will have to change my experimenting!

So here is what the fat fast is and the site I copied it from. http://livinlavidalowcarb.com/blog/fat-fast-for-a-few-days-to-induce-weight-loss/1189

This is an extreme diet plan intended only to get your body to start burning fat and is not meant to be done for more than a few days at the very most. It is ONLY for the most metabolically resistant people in this world. Dr. Robert C. Atkins often used this method in his personal practice with patients to help those few people who can’t seem to get their low-carb lifestyle going because it works extremely well.

So what is the Fat Fast? Here are the details:

– 1,000 calories per day
– 90 percent of calories come from dietary fat
– Eat five 200-calories “meals” every 3-4 hours

That’s it! Talk about your restrictive diet, the Fat Fast is certainly not for the faint of heart or stomach. That may not sound like a lot of food and it’s not. The point of it is to get your body to burn stored fat (a process known as lipolysis) in your body so when you start eating a controlled-carb diet you will continue losing weight.

How does the Fat Fast work?

It forces all of the excess carbohydrates and even some protein in your body to be burned up when you eat a diet consisting of nearly all fat. Especially for those people who have metabolisms that are as stubborn as a mule, eating as much fat as possible while limiting carbohydrates and protein seems to do the trick. That’s why you eat 90 percent fat during this diet.

Additionally, keeping calories at an extremely low 1,000 calories daily helps the body that much more speed up the process of fat-burning so lipolysis can do what it is supposed to do when you are livin’ la vida low-carb. Yes, Invisible Blogger, you actually COUNT CALORIES on this particular low-carb diet plan because you are purposefully limiting the kind and amount of food that enters your body. But, as I previously said, this is temporary.

One common question that people have about the Fat Fast is if they will be ravenously hungry since you aren’t consuming very many calories or food for that matter. Excellent question! The answer is that you probably will not be hungry since you are eating your high-fat “meals” very often. What may be difficult for people on this diet to handle is the fact that their “meals” will not be what they really want to eat. If you can get beyond this and stick with it for a few days, then you will reap the rewards.

What CAN you eat on the Fat Fast for your 200-calorie “meals”:

– 1 ounce macadamia nuts
– Macadamia nut butter with 2 ounces cream cheese
– 1 ounce of tuna or chicken with 2 teaspoons mayonnaise
– 2 ounces sour cream with 2 tablespoons black or red caviar
– Half ounce heavy whipping cream with DaVinci syrup
– 2 ounces pâté
– 2 egg yolks hard-boiled with one tablespoon of mayonnaise

Yummy! Don’t those “meals” just sound so appetizing! LOL! No, they don’t. But that’s not the point. Think of it as just a stepping stone towards getting your weight and health in order naturally without the use of any dangerous drugs. That sorta puts it all in pespective doesn’t it? )

If weight loss begins happening while on the Fat Fast, then you may even progress to a high level of calories to see if you can continue sustaining the weight loss you are experiencing on the 1,000-calorie diet. This version consists of 1,200 calories which enables you to have four meals with 300 calories each.

It’s only 100 more calories, but look at what you can eat on this:

– 2 ounces of beef chuck cooked in two tablespoons of olive oil
– 2 scrambled eggs with two strips of nitrate-free bacon
– 2 tablespoons of full-fat sour cream with a tablespoon DaVinci syrup
– 1/4 cup chicken or tuna with two tablespoons of mayonnaise
– 3 ounces of pâté
– 1 1/2 ounces of macadamia nuts

See, doesn’t that look a LITTLE better? Yes, it does. You can stay on this plan for up to one week before beginning the Induction phase of 20g carbs daily. This method will almost always kickstart your weight loss when nothing else has worked. Don’t give up and throw in the towel on your weight loss. Just when you think you will never be able to get rid of that stored fat, along comes something like the Fat Fast to get you going.

Go ahead, give it a try! What do you have to lose? Weight maybe?

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Keto Day # 9

Today is keto day 9 and I have gotten back to the weight I was before I carbed up this weekend! That is great, now I have to make it thru the week and lose some more weight. I think that since my work week is busy…in fact I am booked through the end of the month, I will be able to stay busy and focus on eating the right foods needed to stay in ketosis. I popped a Lipo pill about an hour ago, however I am tired…not cool. That is the price you pay to get re-acclimated into ketosis though, the whole cycle starts again. This has me thinking I may want to skip a carb up this coming weekend. I think I will wait until I stall a bit before carbing up.

Tonight is also family dinner night. So I have viewed the menu and have decided to order a t-bone steak. I normally never eat steak, but it has no carbs and lots of fat and protein. So for one night I think I will step outside my box and enjoy it. I think your body also has to work harder to digest that steak, so maybe there will be an added benefit to this meal. I will have a lemon water to go with it. As for getting carbs to ingest, I am planning some salad and possibly a fruit. I just  have to check what I have at home first and check sugar levels before eating it. I did pretty good staying close to my carb grams yesterday. I only want to do 10g daily. That can easily be gone over…try it! I know with that steak I will get tons of calories though, so today I am not worried about meet a proper calorie amount.

As for working out today, I have no idea! I am finishing my coffee and plan to exercise in a fasted state before eating. I know I will turn on the radio, hope my songs play, and get some cardio done. I then need to do some weights. I think I am going to have to take some breaks between exercise rounds if my energy levels do not pick up soon! The good news for me today is that my Herbalife order should be here today. I got the mint shake and protein powder. That should also help get the carbs I need along with some additional nutrition outside my daily vitamin.

Well off I go to search for better leg exercises. My thighs are not in agreement with each other. I know it is because one hip is higher than the other plus inverted. I guess that also contributes to my back problems, oh well…nothing I can do. I just have to find a way to get the inches and muscle tone on  each side to match! Who knew I would have to concern myself with that one day!

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Workout Log For Today

Well it is obvious that I have to work today. I just need to finish determining how much I should do. I have already logged calories on my gazelle and used my zone Pilates to work my legs out today. I also used my new 10 pound weights on my arms. My body feels okay, but I think I should do another round for good measure. I do need to use my stability ball, so maybe I will work on my abs with that. I do enjoy how easy it is on my back. No stress, no worries! I am going to google for some more stability ball workouts! This should be a fun task. Let me know if you have a favorite!

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Day after carb up!

So back to Monday we have come! I decided to stick with my carb up this weekend. I did not do it too much Saturday, but come last night…it was game on baby! I think most people will agree that when you are dieting that we feel hungry. Especially if you are working out and kicking ass. That is where the carb up comes into play. I want to lose fat, not muscle. Now if I lost a tiny bit, that is no biggie, however if I lost it all then that makes me “skinny fat”. No one wants that! Besides your metabolism needs muscle as muscle burns calories and helps fight fat. So we just need to keep it all in check. The second reason for this is to ensure a productive weight training cycle. Just because I said weight training, does not mean I am body building in that sense of the word. You could say I am bodybuilding in the sense that I am building a new body as compared to what it look like right now! So bring on the weights!  Lastly, the reason to carb up is to ensure your muscles have some glycogen stores for the weeks workout ahead. That is all and now it is done. I only gained 1.5 pounds, not bad! Especially considering that I am carb sensitive and carbs hold extra water!

The weeks workouts and meals are planned according to workout type and diet structure. This week I am aiming to get and only have 10g of carbs daily. I am hoping this will offset the carb up weekend! I did great working out my whole body yesterday. Surprisingly I am not as sore as I expected. Yet I know that I may and normally, will feel it tomorrow! Oh bring the pain. That is what I look for. Did you know that when your body is screaming with muscle pain and fatigue, that you are burning a lot of calories and increasing your metabolism? I do not know where I read that, but it makes sense. Therefore leaving the statement “push thru the pain” to make even more sense. That’s it for today. I will do a weight check in Friday to tally the results. I did take a sneak peek at my inches and I have lost a few all over. I do not want to memorize them or jot them down just yet. I have 79 days left until the 12 weeks are up and can reveal to myself and you the total inches lost. However, there is no way I can not step on my new digital scale for that long! Wish me luck!

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Keto Day 6 and continuing weight loss challenge!

Hey guys, what’s up? Today I got to sleep in a bit. I have been waiting since 12/20/12 to find a morning to do just that and today it happened! Something to know about me is that I love my sleep. I hate waking up, no matter how much sleep I get, it still feels like never enough and makes waking up difficult and at times painful! No joke. Upon waking, I followed my typical routine, which means a weigh in. I have to keep track of this keto diet.  For me personally, this is the best way to track it. The results show a pound lost since yesterday. That is great! It shows my persistence and hard work is paying off!

So with that I went and logged my numbers, which you can follow along with me under the page weekly weigh in. Just to clarify, originally in the previous 12 week challenge I gave myself, I was weighing in weekly. That diet started off as limiting calories, additional workouts, experimenting with different diet pills, and experimenting with various diet techniques. This 12 weeks I am following the keto diet only. Last time I lasted about a week on it. This time it will last the 12 weeks. Heck I am already surpassing my days and results this go ’round anyhow, so why stop…right?

After my weigh in, I drank my lemon water and took 1 Lipo 6 diet pill. Then proceeded to make my 4 oz cup of coffee and found something to get happy about. I used my International Delight creamer, Hazelnut sugar free, gluten free, and trans fat of 0 and noticed limited carbs in it! Yeah, that is awesome. I then like to top my coffee with redi whip cream and that too has about 1 carb. These to items have already set the fat bar in place for the day. I added a tiny bit of pumpkin spice to the cream for a festive taste! My 6 year old wanted some crushed pineapple, so I made her a bowl and ate a teaspoon of it too. I do love pineapple, but there is added sugar and carbs, so on this diet that is a huge thing to watch out for, so 1 tsp is more than enough!

Since my carbs are unexpectedly high already (I got carried away with the creamer and whip) I will need to eat a healthier lunch. Cauliflower is already on my menu. I consider this a free food, as your body usually breaks it down and some would say becomes a negative calorie food. I finished my chicken yesterday, so I will have some tuna. I need the protein, as that is lacking today. I will do one cardio session before lunch and will do a resistance and weight session 40 mins after lunch. I will update later to see how the rest of my day went!

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Workout Day1/4/13

Today’s workout is aimed towards legs, abs, and cardio.

This was the routine:

The Gazelle: 40 mins, various paces and balancing

The Leg Magic: 10 mins various width and stability techniques

Squat to 2arm overhead press: 2/10

Squat to pull through: 2/10

Lunge w/ 1 arm press: both sides 2/10ea

Adduction: each side 2/10ea

Abduction: each side 2/10ea

Hip extension: each side 2/10ea

Stability Ball: taget abs/obliques 3/10ea

Medicine ball: target abs/obliques 2/10ea

Prew Workout:

Maximize V2, 1 Body Burn Pill by Body Strong, 1 24oz lemon water.1 L-Tyrosine, 1 walnut black hull, 2 asprin

Post Workout:

1 24oz water, chicken lunch

That’s a wrap for today!

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