I get in a groove of things that I eat for breakfast.  Sometimes I’ll eat something for several days in row if I really like it or have found a new product, recipe, etc.  All I eat is a serving of meat and a starch.  Following are some items.


Thank goodness we have our own farm fresh eggs!  How do you like them cooked? Pretty much 2 eggs prepared any way that you prefer – scrambled, sunny side up, no yolks (4 egg whites) or an omelet is ok.  NO oils, butter, etc. just a spray of cooking oil is all or none.


Use only hard cheeses.  My favorites are med/sharp cheddar, swiss, parmesean or mozarella.  I never use any preshredded cheeses, but will buy deli slices or blocks and cut myself.  I have melted cheese on an egg, on a 1/2 low cal flatbread or tortilla (open faced grilled cheese, folded cheese quesadilla), or, to do something different, I will place cheese in a hot non-stick skillet till it melts and crisps on both sides-yummy!  I like the crispy cheese on my egg for variety.  You can also do this for a snack if desired.  In a rush I will eat cottage cheese though have found it easier to eat with cinnamon and sweetener vs. plain lowfat.

Flatbread or tortilla

The type of flatbread or tortillas I use are generally 50 calories or less – if you have to half larger ones that’s okay.  Besides with cheese, I have toasted them with some butter spray, cinnamon and splenda, or rolled them up for a cinnamon roll type of breakfast.  I have made some “protein flapjacks” too-but not too often because I don’t eat syrup, instead I use butter spray and sweetener.

Protein Flapjacks

1/2 flatbread or tortilla -toasted and chopped into crumbs, 2 eggs – scrambled, 1 Tbsp water, Optional: couple drops of flavoring – almond, butter, french vanilla, etc.

While toasting flatbread to a crisp, scramble 2 eggs in a measuring cup.  Add water and stir.  Chop or crumble flatbread into tiny pieces/crumbs and add to eggs. (A chopper or processor comes in handy.)  Let sit for 5 minutes to absorb.  Stir again or use handblender.  Pour onto hot skillet into “flapjacks”.  Makes about 3 or 4 depending on size. Sprinkle a packet or two of sweetener on top of stack.  Eat them all!

Other meats

I have eaten a full meal size portion of various meats at breakfast as leftovers.  I’ve had a turkey burger with cheese on 1/2 flatbread.  I’ve seasoned lean ground turkey breast with seasonings for mock sausage and had with an egg.  Chicken is great hot or cold. Fish isn’t terrible in the morning either, just not what we’re used to eating. I’ve even put the meat with a bit of cheese on a flatbread or tortilla.  Quite filling.

Other starches

I typically don’t partake of other starches such as oats, etc. because of the small portion size of 1/4 Cup.  It’s not worth my time.   Recently I am playing with quinoa and trying to expand my variety and flavor.  The serving size is still 1/4 or a cup but I think there are possibilities with this grain, perhaps maybe in the flapjack recipe?  Might need to try it and let you know.

Spices, of course, is very important making food tasty.  I use a lot of salt free spice blends.  Try your own and feed your body something good!