I am feeding my body

What kind of food program am I on you might ask. I am eating a lot of protein with minimal vegetables, fruit and starches.  I haven’t counted a single calorie but have weighed everything, well almost everything – with some rough guesstimations at some restaurants.  I know what I like but am only a little adventurous in “blending” foods.  NOT only am I documenting my food intake I am trying to eat like I did years ago, with gestational diabetes with both full term pregnancies, with snacks throughout the day.  Nothing is eaten without some type of protein.  Excess protein burns stored fat!

Typically, at my current weight, I eat 6 ounces of lean protein at each meal and or a combinattion of cheese and eggs.  At breakfast I will often feed my body 1/2 of a low cal/high fiber flatbread which contains about 5g of protein.  I will consume it with an egg or 2 whites and cheese or with a few squirts of butter spray (I prefer the blue bottle) with some cinnamon sprinkled on it and a packet of yellow sweetener.  I have even toasted one and made crumbs, then soaked in 2 eggs then whipped together for some protein flapjacks.  No syrup allowed of course – just a little butter spray.

Snacks at about 10 am and 2 pm consist of protein only with 1 oounce of hard cheese or 2 ounces of lean meat.  I found some parmesean that has 10g/oz. Always use block cheese and shred, slice or chunk it yourself. Why? When you read cellulose as an ingredient that is powdered sawdust.  Yep!  That’s what’s used to keep shredded cheese from clumping together.

Lunch consists of feeding my body 6 ounces of turkey, chicken, albacore tuna or white fish.  I rarely aquire protein from lean steak, pork loin, salmon or shrimp.  The spices/seasonings that I use are either salt free or contain sea salt.  Natural sea salt is easier for your body to break down. Also I will eat a small serving of fruit (no bananas or grapes) and either 4 oz cooked or 8 oz of vegetables (no potatoes, onions, carrots). 

The last meal of food that I use to nourish my body consists of 6 oz of lean meat, a serving of vegetables along with a starch, usually the 1/2 of a flatbread.  The portion size for a starch is about 45 calories.  Personally a lot of possibilities for the amount that you “get” aren’t worth my time and effort.  I slowly enjoy a rolled up cinnamon flatbread as a treat and something sweet.

At this point, with an immensely busy schedule, I have not found time to exercise.  With the weather getting nicer I hope to incorporate more physical activity around work, events and kids schedules.

Consumables that have helped me: several years ago I purchased a pressure cooker (no bobble).  That is an amazing piece of cookery!  I have cooked several turkey breasts and a few pork loins in it. Recently I discovered shredding the turkey breast like BBQ and adding a little apple cider vinegar and sea salt – YUM!  The loin can be done the same way but not eaten as often.  Eight ounces of any leafy vegetable is a massive amount.  A tip from a friend is to put in a container and steam in the microwave!  It uses it’s own water and doesn’t add additional water weight.  Only fresh or frozen vegetables are put in my body.  Canned items are usually in a brine or salt mixture (like they put on roads to melt ice! well maye no as strong:)) Lots of canned produce have a high fructose corn syrup added which our family tries to stay away from completely.

Well there you have it in a nutshell!  Well, no nuts on this program but you understand.  The basics are lean protein, eggs or hard cheese with high protein, minimal amounts of fruit and veggies with some restrictions on which ones you shouldn’t feed your body in weight loss mode and a neglible amount of starchy food.