Let’s ponder a few thoughts….

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Life really is what you make it.  At this point in your life (and mine) let’s ponder a few thoughts….

Are you where you wanted to be in life in general?  Why or why are you not?  Who, what and how could have choices been made to alter, for better or worse, the circumstances which bring you to this very moment in time?

Health and fitness… Who am I to talk about health and fitness?  If you have ever heard me speak one of the statements that I’ll make occasionally is that I’ll refer to myself being a P.D. – a “Professional Dieter.”  I have been physically aware of my status, compared to the world and the society in which we live, since I was in single digits.  I worked my way up through the ever so kind and wonderful classifications determining, ultimately, our own physical mortality based on the dimensions of our bodies and a digital number on a scale.  I have “dieted” all my life.  Everyone has!  The term diet generally refers to the consumption of food for sustaining life – whether it’s healthy or not and how the combinations react in our individual bodies determines if we need to adjust the intake.  I have done this for so long I am tired of it!!  Really!  Don’t you ever just get tired of trying to figure out what to eat, much less how it’s going to effect your body and your health? You can stop and turn away from most addictions because you don’t “need” them to be alive.  FOOD is a necessity.  FOOD is a privilege.  FOOD is able to change your life – long term.  Needless to say that self-proclaimed title P.D. has been earned and earned the hard way.

MY choices = MY results

It is a new year.  Last year was a hard year for me.  It started off with recognition and kept going.  I was on The Doctor’s to reveal me after their generous gift of life-changing surgery.  I had the honor of crowning a new TN TOPS State Queen, a friend!  I have been interviewed a few times for TV and magazines.  I had two amazing articles in TOPS News and First for Women magazines.  Generally the year ended with a presentation between two professionals from Vanderbilt University.  Life is interesting to say the least.  I am still me.  I post daily on my Facebook page www.facebook.com/heathershealthyhabitsdoingitforme to currently over 2800 people in many US states and countless countries. It’s humbling to know that there are those across the world watching what I eat and do.  Am I helping? Is God using me to help anyone? To help you?

How am I doing?  Well…. Emotionally I have gone through drastic changes the last few years with an intensely altered view of myself and life.  I have become one that others turn to for guidance and advice.  Who do I turn to?  I have a few friends yet try to lean on God the most.  Family and friends that once were around have chosen not to be.  I have made difficult choices to eliminate negative from my life too.  Giant steps. Scary steps. Lonely steps. Hopeful steps.  The footsteps are not me own.  I haven’t much had the urge to write, seeing that my last post was in September, and I miss it.  I miss it because it is who I am.  It helps me to get it out and make it “real”, no matter what the “real” is- weight, health, life, relationships, etc.

Back to the question…. Am I where I want to be in life?

To a point I am happy and content yet somehow I long for more.  Can I get what I want, need and deserve?  Who is to say what all of that really is?  ME!  God can put the opportunities before me to make me learn and grow.  It’s MY choice to let it knock me down, let it drag me around, walk through it, jump over it, crawl under it, go around it, or embrace it – whatever the it is.  I have to hold my head up high and pray for the guidance to go forward to serve God in the best physical, mental and spiritual health that I can be in for Him and His plan for ME. I struggle every day – EVERY DAY. I have regained a few pounds and that’s okay.  I know what to do and how to do it.  God still loves me.

Now is the time to make the choice.

I am Doing it for ME!


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